Food Review: The Burger & Wings From Teddy’s Bar & Grill- Brooklyn, NY

Teddy's Bar & GrillI’d place burgers at this point as my second favorite food, just behind pizza.

Over the years, I’ve tried burgers at some of the top places in New York City. I’ve also sought out burgers from some of the oldest and most classic bars and restaurants in the area.

One of my favorite burgers in the country is served at Peter Luger Steakhouse open since 1887. Another excellent burger can be had at Keen’s Steakhouse which opened in 1885. While I love Old Town Bar (open since 1892), we weren’t big fans of their cheeseburger.

Since we’re on the topic of places opened in the 1800s, let’s not forget about Louis Lunch (New Haven, CT) established in 1895 and credited with creating the burger!

Another very old restaurant and bar has long been on my list to try.

Teddy’s Bar & Grill has been open under various names since 1887. I read they had good food, especially their burger so we finally gave it a try.The restaurant/bar is very cool. Both exterior and interior retain many original details (I’m sorry that my photos don’t do it any justice.)

We stopped in on a Saturday for brunch and it was very busy.We ordered Teddy’s Beef Burger with cheddar cheese and an order of Buffalo chicken wings. After a relatively long wait, our food arrived.

Teddy’s Beef Burger: $13.50 (tater tots are extra)The burger looked very good and we couldn’t wait to dig in. It was also pretty hefty.I cut the burger in half to see what was doing inside.

We ordered the burger medium and based on the color of the meat, I’d say it was probably cooked a bit under that.

I’ll start with the bad, the cheddar cheese was tasteless and served no purpose on this burger. This is a common problem I find with melted cheddar. I would’ve preferred American cheese!

The good: The brioche bun was excellent and the burger was very tasty and juicy, it just could’ve used a bit more salt.

Overall, we really enjoyed this cheeseburger!

Buffalo Chicken Wings: $9.50This post is really about the burger, but here are some details about Teddy’s Buffalo Wings.

We were impressed with the meaty well cooked wings. They were definitely on the spicier side but we enjoyed them nonetheless.

Our only issue with the wings was that we would’ve liked a tastier and better quality blue cheese. Teddy’s blue cheese was thin and felt like it was from a bottle. (If you’re going to use bottled blue cheese, at least get it from Trader Joe’s!)

Final Thoughts:

Overall, we enjoyed the food at Teddy’s Bar & Grill. While we really liked the old, historical decor, we didn’t find it the best place to dine with the kids. If we were to return, we’d do so adults only!

Teddys Bar & Grill is located at 96 Berry Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

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