Food Review: Delicious Greasy Cheeseburgers From Dyer’s In Memphis!

Dyer'sAt the end of 2021, we headed to Memphis over winter break. Our list of things to do and eat was pretty long but there was one place I had to give a try.

I think I first heard about Dyer’s Burgers on a Food-TV show years back. If not, I definitely read about it in the burger bible, George Motz’s book Hamburger America.a building with a sign on the sideWe wandered past Dyer’s on our first evening in Memphis just to check it out. We already had barbecue for dinner so our burger pilgrimage would have to wait for another day.a pan on a stoveHere is what makes Dyer’s burgers so special. According to the restaurant’s website, “Legend has it that the “secret” was Doc Dyer’s ageless cooking grease. This famous grease, strained daily, has continued to produce our juicy Dyer’s Burgers for almost a century now.”

When I snapped this photo of the historic grease, the staff kinda laughed… Rude! 🙂a cheeseburger on a plastic wrapperWe ordered a Double Double and the burger did not disappoint.

We found this burger to be extremely flavorful and one of the juiciest burgers we’ve ever had! There isn’t much more to say about it…a hand holding a burgerHowever, I have to say I was disappointed that I wasn’t hungry enough to order another for us to share. It was that good!

We planned to pay another visit to Dyer’s while in Memphis but that plan never materialized. I guess there’s always next time!

Dyer’s Burgers is located at 205 Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.

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