Food Review: The Cheeseburger At Keens Steakhouse

keens steakhouseKeens Steakhouse is one of the oldest restaurants in NYC, founded in 1885.

Keens is famous for their outstanding mutton chop which Kim and I tried a few years back and really enjoyed. There is another item on their pub menu which I’ve wanted to try for quite some time.

I finally got to try the cheeseburger at Keens Steakhouse and in no way did it disappoint!a painting of a naked woman in a chair with bottles of liquorI headed over to Keens with my brother, prior to attending a Viva Aerobus media event at the Consul General of Mexico in NYC which was just a short walk away.

Like I mentioned above, the burger is available on the restaurant’s pub menu in the bar area. (I’ve heard that it can also be ordered if your dining in the main dining room.)

The bar area has one table, a long bar with stools and a counter opposite the bar (also with stools). When we arrived, around 4:30 there were only a handful of people at the bar. By the time we left a little over an hour later, the bar area was pretty much full.a menu on a tableI took a quick look at the pub menu before ordering even thought I knew what we were getting before we walked in the door.

Since we were attending an event soon after our stop at Keens Steakhouse, my brother and I decided to get one burger to split. a plate of food with toothpicks on itThe bartender asked if we were sharing, and to our surprise, the burger was brought out already divided in half. This was a nice gesture but I would’ve preferred to get it uncut.

I tried putting the burger back together to show what it looked like. (Sorry that it doesn’t look like much more than a bun!)a burger and fries on a plateThe burger was ordered medium and it came out pink on the inside. I’d say it was perfectly cooked.

The burger was very juicy and had a ton of flavor, almost a funky-goodness. My guess is that is due to the burger being made from trimmings from their steaks. (Similar to the amazing burger at Peter Luger’s.) This is pretty much what I expected!

I almost forget to mention… We added cheddar to our burger. It added a subtle sharpness that I did enjoy although I’m not sure that adding cheese is necessary. I just have a hard time not ordering cheese on my burger!

Final Thoughts:

While I only had half of the burger, I still felt that it was a bit on the small- side. I need to return to Keens Steakhouse again for another tasting. Next time I visit, I won’t be sharing. This is one delicious burger that I really want to try again!

A hamburger with fries costs $19.50 at Keens Steakhouse. This is definitely not cheap but I do find it to be a reasonable price to pay for such a delicious burger at a historic NYC steakhouse.

Keen’s Steakhouse is located at 72 West 36th Street in New York, NY.

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