Food Review: The Cheeseburger (& Wings) at Old Town Bar in NYC

Old TownBefore having kids, Kim and I used to go to the historic Old Town Bar (which has been around since 1892) for a drink from time to time. However, we didn’t realize that they served food back then. And when we did find out, we didn’t know that it was supposed to be really good.

A bit later on, I started reading that Old Town Bar served a really good burger. Considering how much I love burgers, I’ve wanted to give it a try for years but the timing was never right.a building with a sign on the frontA while back, Kim and I finally gave it a try.a group of people in a barI know this isn’t the best photo, but I think you can get an idea of the age of the place from it. According to Wikipedia, “the bar itself is 55 feet long and made of marble  and mahogany. The ceiling, made of tin tiles, is 16 feet high.”a menu of a restaurantWe knew that we’d be ordering the Cheeseburger but we weren’t sure what else to get.a menu with black textKim and I decided that since we were dining at a bar, an order of Buffalo Wings ($10.25 for a small) would be the most appropriate other item to order.

Cheeseburger ($13.50):
a plate of food with a burger and friesThe burger came out open- faced with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles on the side.a plate of food with a burger and friesBefore giving it a try, I cut it in half to take a look inside.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but Old Town Bar serves a very juicy burger (which is a good thing), however Kim and I weren’t huge fans.

The burger seemed to lack flavor, maybe a touch of salt. I’d say that I was a bit disappointed with it.

Buffalo Chicken Wings: ($10.25 small)a plate of chicken wings and dipI didn’t plan to include the wings in my review so I only took this one photo of our order.

Kim and I ordered a small and when they arrived, we wondered if the waitress accidentally brought us a large. There was nothing small about the wings- 10 meaty wings for just $10.25, a bargain if you ask me!

Not only were the wings big, they were awesome. Crispy on the outside, meaty and juicy on the inside. Oh, and the blue cheese dressing was outstanding. These are definitely some of the best wings I’ve ever had.

Bonusa bathroom with a couple doorsI did mention above that Old Town Bar was historic and that also includes the Men’s Room!

The bathroom looks its age I remember talking about the urinals there years back but I didn’t know much about them.a row of urinals in a bathroomWhile reading more about Old Town Bar, I found out that these extra wide and bizarre looking urinals date back to 1910. (Thanks Wikipedia!)

Final Thoughts:

Overall, our dining experience at Old Town Bar was a bit uneven. The cheeseburger surprised me in a negative way while the wings were extremely impressive.

I’d like to go back again to give the cheeseburger one more try.

Old Town bar is located at 45 East 18th Street in New York City.

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4 thoughts on “Food Review: The Cheeseburger (& Wings) at Old Town Bar in NYC

  1. Alex- The burger showed up on some best of lists. (I did see the wings mentioned after going.) Next time, bison it is! Thx for the tip.

    Mike Jones- The gross bathroom is part of the character! lol The wings were killer and the dumbwaiter is super-cool!

  2. The doors on the toilets should be lowered. Hate using the toilets. Like everyone can see you taking a shit. Plus if someone is using them also gross. But love the place and if I go for lunch with my work crew always get the chicken wings. Also they have cool old dumb waiter. This is what nyc should be … not what it has become. Drug stores and banks and chain stores everywhere. The old places with character are few now.

  3. Surprised you were referred to Old Town for the burger, typically the wings get all the publicity as some of the best in the city (although there is not much competition in NYC).

    Next time, go for the Bison Burger – it’s great.

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