McDonald’s Giving Free Meals To First Responders & Healthcare Workers

McDonald'sWhile my kids love McDonald’s (more so for the toys than the food), I love visiting the Golden Arches while traveling to see what’s offered in international destinations.

To date, I’ve posted about McD’s in 25 countries. (Check the bottom of the post for links to my reviews.)

I don’t know a lot about the company’s charities, but I’d guess that we’ve all heard of the Ronald McDonald House.

McDonald’s now wants to do something nice during the Coronavirus Pandemic to show a little thanks for First Responders and Healthcare Workers.

For a limited time, McD’s will be offering FREE Thank You meals “to our frontline heroes.”

The offer will be available now through May 5, 2020.

Here is what’s being offered:

Breakfast:Lunch/ Dinner:Here’s how you order:Final Thoughts:

While most would agree that McDonald’s isn’t the healthiest meal, the company is doing a very nice thing by offering free meals to First Responders and Healthcare Workers.

Also, many of these first responders are working long hours so grabbing a quick meal, especially for free, it will be a big convenience!

Nice job McDonald’s!

Click hereĀ for more details about this limited time promo.

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