Get A Free 4pc Nuggets From Wendy’s On Friday 4/24

image: Twitter @Wendys

While I’m not a big fan of fast food chain Wendy’s, this offer might get me to take a short ride tomorrow morning.

ABC News reports “Wendy’s To Give Our Free Chicken Nuggets Nationwide On Friday.”

The idea came about due to a tweet the company sent out on Twitter earlier in the week,asking people to give a shout out to individuals across the U.S. who are going above and beyond to help make our communities a little brighter during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Wendy’s wants to share stories of people doing good and deserving of a “GroupNug“.

Their tweet garnered an overwhelming response leading to the idea to give out free nugs since hugs can’t be given due to social distancing!

What’s super-cool about this promo is that no purchase is necessary!

All you need to do is head over to a Wendy’s drive-thru on Friday, April 24 to order an absolutely free 4-piece chicken nuggets! It’s your choice whether you want crispy or spicy.

Final Thoughts:

Free is a price that’s hard to beat. I might use this promo as an excuse to go out for a short ride. Also, I’m sure that my kids will enjoy some nuggets and a Frosty! Are you interested?

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