American Citizens Needing Help In Austria Can Head Over To McDonald’s

a fast food restaurant with a red light
(Not a McD’s in Austria)

While we rarely visit McDonald’s at home, the Michael W Travels family always visits McD’s when visiting a new country.

We visit McDonald’s primarily to check out what local menu items might be available and for the kids, it’s always a special and exciting treat.

If you’re an American citizen and happen to be in Austria, now there’s another helpful reason to visit the golden arches.

CNN reports that, “under the terms of a new partnership between McDonald’s Austria and the US Embassy in Vienna, staff at the fast food restaurants will help travelers in need.”

The way it works is that if a US citizen is having trouble reaching the US Embassy, all McDonald’s in Austria will help them get in contact with the embassy for consular services.

Forms of assistance include, reporting a lost or stolen passport and seeking travel assistance.

The partnership will not be a way to replace staff at the embassy, it will be an added way to get in contact during an emergency.

I think this sounds like a pretty cool partnership but I’d love to hear a first- hand account about how this actually works.

I’m picturing an American in need going into a McD’s and saying, I’ll have a Big Mac, Coke and would like to report a stolen passport!

Find out more from CNN here.

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