America Del Sur Hostel, A Great Budget Friendly Option in Buenos Aires

America Del SurOver Spring Break, the Michael W Travels family headed to Argentina and Uruguay.

As usual, Kim and I were looking to do this trip on a budget while not giving up much when it came to the locations of our accommodations.

While looking into where to stay for four nights in Buenos Aires, we came up empty when I looked for potential stays with points. Traditional hotel options weren’t overly exciting so I decided to look into hostels.

I came across the America del Sur Hostel, which seemed to be an excellent budget option.

The hostel is located in the San Telmo neighborhood. The area has a popular weekend market, an excellent indoor market hall and is walkable to other areas, too.

When it came to price, America del Sur definitely fit our budget. A four bed, private room with ensuite bathroom came to $225 for 4 nights for an average of $56.25 per night. On top of that, I had a $102 coupon from which made our stay come to $123!

Here is a photo tour and review of America del Sur Hostel:

The Lobby:people in a room with tables and chairsWhen you enter the doors of the hostel, the reception desk is on the left. Most of the staff were friendly and helpful.

The property has a huge chalkboard hanging with events for the week.a white board with writing on itIf you want to learn some slang, America del Sur has got your covered.a child standing in front of a mapPast some couches, there are a bunch of tables in the lobby. We loved this quote on the bottom of this map!a group of people sitting at tablesThere’s a large, outdoor sitting area at the far end of the lobby. It’s a nice place to sit and eat breakfast. At night it could be pretty noisy out there. Lots of people were eating, hanging out and drinking. If we left the window to our room open, we could literally hear the conversations!

(This photo was taken from our room on the third floor.)

The Room:a yellow door in a roomThe room at America del Sur reminded me in some ways of our room at Generator Hostel in Barcelona due to the bunkbed layout. The main difference was this was a lot smaller.a room with bunk bedsHere’s a closer look at the bunkbeds when we walked a bit further into the room.
a room with a sink and bunk bedsHere’s a view of the room while standing in front of the window.

The sink is not inside either bathroom area which makes it usable if other people are doing their business or taking a shower.a bunk bed in a roomIn each bed, there’s a couple of outlets plus a shelf. This was really useful and convenient since we travel with a lot of devices.

It’s always hard to know what to expect with beds at hotels and hostels. We were really impressed as they were really comfortable.a lockers in a roomThe lockers came in handy for storing clothes and smaller bags.a toilet in a bathroomWhen you enter the room, the bathroom is on the right.
a shower curtain and shower headThe shower is in it’s own small room on the left. The water pressure was very good.

Extras:a plate of food on a table

  • Breakfast is offered each morning for a small fee. It’s set up in the lobby as a basic buffet. I don’t remember the exact price, but I want to say it was around $3.50 per person.
  • The WiFi at the hostel was excellent and I don’t recall there being any issue with it during our stay.
  • There’s a “chill out” room in the basement. It has a computer, TV and some couches. If you show up before check-in, the hostel will offer you the option to hang out downstairs.

Final Thoughts:

America del Sur Hostel was a great budget pick for our stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The price is right but the rooms are on the smaller side. If you need more room to stretch out, you can hang out in one of the common areas. We also enjoyed the San Telmo neighborhood. There’s a few things to do close-by and a bunch of solid dining options.

America del Sur Hostel is located at Chacabuco Nº718, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

4 thoughts on “America Del Sur Hostel, A Great Budget Friendly Option in Buenos Aires

  1. johnjay- This hostel was a great deal so it was all good! Buenos Aires is an awesome food city. I posted some of the pizza on my food Instagram account (@michaelwtravelsfood). I’ll probably write a post about the pizza we tried in the near future.

  2. Too bad on the points issue. A year ago, Wyndham’s Howard Johnson on Florida St. was a 3000 point and $35USD on “Points and Cash” which included a buffet breakfast. Unfortunately that price did not last.
    As a side issue, what did you think of the food there, especially the pizza?

  3. Hope you’ll post about what you did in Buenos Aires, am headed there soon. My hostel days are long gone, any observations on points hotels that seemed particularly well located? Thanks!

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