A Visit To The French Version of McD’s, Quick Burger Restaurant

QuickWhen visiting international destinations, I always visit McDonald’s to check out what local menu items might be available.

We also like to try local fast food burger shops. I haven’t written about many of them but  you can check out my review of one in Bahrain here.

During a recent trip to France, we had a long list of places to dine at. One that I hoped to try was the French version of McDonald’s called Quick. (It actually originated in Belgium from what I read later on.)

We didn’t notice many Quick locations. In Paris, we walked past one on the Champs-Elysees. There was also a location close to where we’d be in Nice, so we decided to stop in there to give it a try.

Quick offers lots of options, including burgers, chicken, desserts and kid’s meals called Magic Box.

I asked the woman at the counter what she recommended. I was told that the Long sandwiches were popular so I went with a Long Bacon burger.a tray with french fries and a drink on it a burger on a trayThe burger was made of 100% pure beef (two small patties) on a tasty roll which had a nice texture. There were two kinds of cheese and a creamy and smoky sauce.a burger with cheese and sauce in a boxWhile I wasn’t a big fan of the burger at McDonald’s in France, the burger at Quick was very good (for a fast food burger). I really liked the smoky sauce but did wipe some of it off.

Overall, I’d definitely try another burger at Quick in the future.

As for the fries, they were fine but not as good as those at McD’s. This isn’t surprising as McDonald’s fries are very good.

Besides the burger, we tried a couple of desserts.

Le Papa Donut:a chocolate donut with a white design on itLe Papa Donut is a limited time item for the Christmas holiday (I assume due to the disk of chocolate with Santa’s image all over it).a hand holding a chocolate covered donutThe donut was excellent. The cake part had a good, soft texture and with three forms of chocolate it managed to still not be overly sweet. The chocolate disk, chocolate icing and chocolate cream inside all worked well together to make for one tasty donut!

Try this if it’s available at Quick!a boy holding a balloonMcDonald’s has Ronald and it appears that Quick has Lucas as one of its characters.

Trio Les Beignetsa box of doughnuts on a trayKim ordered a salad at Quick which she said was very good (sorry, no photos.) Ironically, a salad meal at Quick comes with dessert!

a hand holding a small pastry
a person holding a pastry
White Chocolate
a hand holding a chocolate filled donut

Due to this, we ordered the Trio of Les Beignets which are best described as filled mini doughnuts. The trio comes with a chocolate filled, hazelnut filled and white chocolate filled beignet. The beignets were excellent. The cake part was soft with some powdered sugar on top.

My favorite of the three was the chocolate filled variety. Kim and Lucas loved the hazelnut, considering I don’t really care for Nutella, I wasn’t a fan. The white chocolate was a pleasant surprise.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, our visit to Quick was a tasty one. I didn’t expect much but the burger was enjoyable and the desserts really hit the spot.

When we visit France again, I’d probably try to fit a visit into Quick again although it might be hard considering all of the great food options out there.

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6 thoughts on “A Visit To The French Version of McD’s, Quick Burger Restaurant

  1. I had a burger at quick the other day. it was tiny (about half the size of a big-mac) and cost almost 10 euros. will never go again.

  2. Hi Michael,
    For your information, Burger King is actually in the process of buying most of the Quick restaurant, so they’re slowly disappearing and by the end of 2020, only about 60 of them should still there. I actually like Quick so it’s a bit sad.

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