Our Almost- Visit To A Cat Cafe In Nice, France

cat cafeDuring our recent winter trip, the Michael W Travels family flew to Paris thanks to $2,700 in Delta Air Lines Vouchers.

Over the course of our visit, we spent time in Paris, Nice and Monaco.

While strolling around the streets of Nice, we came across a cat cafe. (Check out my post Visiting A Cat Museum & Cafe in St Petersburg, Russia from 2013.)a sign on a wood wallThe cafe, La Ronronnerie Cafe A Chats had limited hours so we figured we’d  to attempt to visit the following day. (FYI- Theo really loves cats and he happened to be napping when we first came across La Ronronnerie.)

On our last in Nice, we explored the old town in the morning and then made our way over to the cat cafe after lunch. Grabbing a snack before heading to the airport for our flight back to Paris seemed to be a good plan, especially when our hotel was just a short walk away.a wall with pictures on itWe went inside and immediately noticed this wall with polaroids of various cats. Pretty cool so far…a group of people sitting in a roomWhen we opened the main door, this was about as far as we got- barely through the door!

We were greeted by a friendly server who let us know that the cafe was full! A moment later, he mentioned coming back for a table in around 40 minutes.

That wasn’t going to work for us. We needed to head to the airport in a little over an hour so that would give us literally no time to enjoy the cat cafe.

Disappointment ensued. Theo wasn’t happy when we told him that we couldn’t stay at the cat cafe. What else would you expect from a two year old? Lucas didn’t seem to care much. While he doesn’t mind cats, he’s let us know many times that he’s “more of a dog person“.a cat sitting on a wood floorIn the end, we missed out on a true visit to a cat cafe in Nice, France. However, we did get to see what the cafe was all about. It’s basically a coffee shop with a few cats wandering around.

When we went back outside, we got a look at the large cat above through the window. Maybe we will get to actually get to experience a cat cafe in the next country we visit.

Have you visited a cat  cafe?

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2 thoughts on “Our Almost- Visit To A Cat Cafe In Nice, France

  1. My wife and I visited a cat cafe in a Taiwanese cat village, Houtong, south of the popular old town of Jiufen. It was fantastic. The whole town is cat themed and a lot of fun. Highly recommend it if you’re in that part of the world.

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