My Biggest Pet Peeve In Hotel Rooms

hotel roomsOver the years, we’ve spent many nights in hotel rooms, hostels and Airbnbs.

We try to keep our room costs to a minimum while sprinkling in nicer hotel stays using hotel points earned from credit card sign up bonuses.

During our current trip to France and Monaco, we recently arrived at our third hotel.

When I looked inside the bathroom, I was extremely disappointed.

The bathroom was modern and well organized, but something was just not right.

It’s hard to tell from the photos but there was no shower door! If you look carefully at the photo above, you might be able to make out how the right side of the shower is just an open space.

So what’s the problem with a shower without the door?

This kind of design causes a few (relatively) immediate issues.

The biggest problem I would say is that the bathroom gets pretty cold if you’re not standing under the water.hotel roomsAnd the next biggest issue is that the floor around the shower area gets soaked. Annoying!

A wet floor can be dangerous as somebody can easily slip. (IMHO it also feels nasty to walk in cold water on a bathroom floor.)

What is your biggest pet peeve that you’ve found in hotel rooms?

9 thoughts on “My Biggest Pet Peeve In Hotel Rooms

  1. Thin worn bath towels. Tiny bars of soap. Sheets that are too small. Dirty moldy shower curtains. uncontrollable heat or air conditioning. Mirror too high.

  2. Jordan- Outlets by the bed- good one (or outlets but no nightstand!)

    Giovanni- Yes!

    Applezz- That is pretty gross!

    Barb- I hate that too!

    JAXBA- Tight fit!

    herman tunsil- I hate really thick & firm pillows, thats def a personal thing… Thermostat- good one!

  3. not having wall plugs near the bed. no choice of pillow firmness. many of us prefer a firmer pillow instead of the feather pillows most hotels have. and finally not being able to set the thermostat and fan to operate.

  4. I can live with no shower door, what I hate is when the faucet is set so far back your hands touch the back wall of the sink when you are trying to wash them.

    1. Agree with comments above – also when there is no shelf in a shower to put shampoo and soap (seriously, at a top Hilton and as a Diamond, we had to balance everything on top of faucets)

  5. Are lack of easy access outlets or none at all close to the bed that do not require an extension cord to reach. I always travel with an extension cord.

  6. Not having a good place to hang clothes in a steamy bathroom and instead having to iron

    No plugs near the nightstand for phone charging

    No place to sit besides a desk chair or the bed (I likely just spent all day in an office or conference but not ready for bed yet!)

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