Our (Pretty Much) Failed Attempt at Visiting The Center of Paris

ParisDuring our winter trip, the Michael W Travels family visited Paris, Nice and Monaco. We chose to fly to France due to a voluntary bump on the way home from last year’s winter trip.

While researching things to do in Paris, I came across a site that I had to visit- a marker which is at the center of the city.

The center of Paris is located outside the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.

We planned to visit during the last day of our trip to get some photos outside Notre Dame as well as at the center marker.

After taking some photos and jumping, we decided to look for Paris Point Zero. I figured that it would be easy to find considering that it even came up on Google Maps!

Kim and I looked and looked without success.

At first I thought that maybe it was blocked by the crowds of people. It turned out that something even bigger was blocking my intended destination.parisWe were about ready to give up when Kim wondered if the center marker was under the large Christmas tree just outside Notre Dame.a woman holding a childWe went to the side of the tree closest to where Google Maps said the center should be. Kim peaked through the gate and noticed a circular shape, partially sticking out.parisI knew from photos what the marker looked like so I knew that this was what I was seeking out!a stone floor with a stone floor and a rock under itI reached through the gate to get a closer photo. Besides the shape of the marker, there wasn’t much to see.

However, rather than wonder if we were in the wrong spot, I knew that we did find our intended Center of Paris marker!

Was this a failed attempt at visiting the center of the city? I’d say yes and no. We did find the center, we just couldn’t get a clear photo or step foot on the exact center of Paris.

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