How To Save Money On Disneyland Paris Tickets

Disneyland ParisEverybody knows that visiting  theme parks isn’t cheap. You can expect to pay around $100 per person per day to visit major parks like Disney.

Odds are pretty high that if you’re visiting a theme park, it will be the priciest day of your trip.

The Michael W Travels family recently visited France over winter break. We decided to visit Disneyland Paris on Christmas Day since we figured that pretty much nothing would be open. 

While we’re not huge theme park fans, we did enjoy a recent visit to Disney in Orlando. The kids, (Lucas almost 7 and Theo, 2 years old) especially loved it so we felt that a visit to Disneyland Paris was a must for them during our trip.

(Kim & I always try to find a couple of things to do during our travels which are especially kid- friendly.)

Buying tickets to theme parks are cheaper when purchased in advanced, so I set out to find the cheapest option for purchasing tickets for a one day visit to Disneyland Paris.

My first stop was to the park’s US site. Tickets are priced in three tiers, ranging in price from $68- $101 for adults, $63- $94 for kids.

The lowest price tier is actually pretty reasonable if you ask me, while the most expensive tickets are not far off from what it costs to visit Disney in the US.

Unfortunately, we’d be visiting Disneyland Paris at peak time so we’d have to purchase the most expensive tickets called Super Magic. (The only magic I see here is the amount of money the parks is making off admission fees!)

If I had just bought tickets from the US site, it would’ve set us back $296 for 2 adults and one kids ticket. (Theo is still free at two years-old.)

After doing a Google search and reading a couple of articles on ways to save at the park, I read that the UK site for Disneyland Paris might be the cheapest option for packages. The thing was, we weren’t looking to stay at a pricey resort, all we needed was tickets for a one day, one park visit.

Regardless of this, I headed over to Disney Paris’s UK site and did a ticket search.

On the UK site, tickets ranged in price from £46 to £69, $58-87 US, exchange rates were even better when we booked. While not a huge savings, cheaper is still better!

I decided to book our tickets on the Disneyland Paris UK site. The total amount for two adults and one child ticket came to £202. At the time of booking, £202 came to $255.13 US.

Thanks to some quick research, I ended up saving $40.87 on our tickets- that’s a pretty solid savings if you ask me!

Just an FYI- if you plan to book tickets through Disney UK’s site, the deals are intended for UK residents.

During checkout, I filled out the form with our US address etc… I was able to complete the purchase without issue. When we showed up at Disneyland Paris, we had no issue getting into the park with our tickets.

Final Tip: When purchasing tickets online, make sure to print your tickets in advance. They’ll have a barcode on it which will be your actual admission to Disneyland Paris.  Not only is this your ticket to enter, you also use the barcode to scan to get your FastPass.

If you have any money saving tips for Disney or family travel, feel free to let us know!

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