This Paris Restaurant Serves One Dish & It’s Awesome!

paris restaurant While in Paris, we made sure to eat a variety of French specialties. The thing is that many of them tended to lean more towards the dessert category!

After spending time visiting the Eiffel Tower, we decided to grab lunch at le “Relais de l’Entrecote”.

The restaurant is well known for serving one dish, steak frites.

When we showed up, there was a short line outside. As we waited for a table, the line grew quite a bit longer. After around 25 minutes, we were inside.

The only menu you’ll find at le “Relais de l’Entrecote” is for drinks.

The waitress came by soon after we were seated and asked how we would like our steak cooked. As we said medium, she scribbled something on the table, took our drink order and disappeared.a salad on a plateSoon after, salads were dropped off at our table. The salad was simple- greens, walnuts and a few slices of radish. It was topped with a light dressing with hints of mustard.

While I rarely eat salad, I figured I’d give it a try since it was included in the price. The dressing was delicious and I also enjoyed the walnuts mixed in with the lettuce. Kim loved the salad and I offered Lucas $1 to give it a try. He accepted my offer and really enjoyed it too!a group of women serving foodWhile waiting for the main event to arrive, it was fun watching the waitresses get the plates ready. Large trays of steak and french fries were brought out to the dining room and placed on a buffet style table where the waitresses then got everything plated for each hungry customer. Interesting…a plate of food with a red rimThe steak frites arrived and it looked delicious, although the portion was a bit small. (No need to worry, more on that later.)

The steak was cut into strips and covered in a mysterious green sauce. The fries were crispy and delicious.

Before digging in, I needed to do a little photo-op.a man pointing at a plate of foodOnce I tried the steak, I was really impressed. The steak was tender, juicy and cooked perfectly.
a fork on a plate of foodAs for that green sauce, I have one word to describe it- wow!

The sauce isn’t what I’d consider thick and it had a herby taste. Kim and I both weren’t really sure how to describe it otherwise.

Whatever the sauce was, it didn’t stand a chance on the plate. It was a great accompaniment to the steak and was also a good choice to dip the fries in.

Back to that small portion…a plate of food on a tableSoon after you finish your plate, seconds are brought out!

I guess, rather than cram a large portion onto one plate, they serve your meal in two shifts. We liked this approach and even after sharing some of our food with Lucas (no kids plates here), we were satisfied with the portion. (Don’t get me wrong, if they brought more, I would’ve ate that too!)

During a trip to the City of Light, if you’re looking for a great Paris restaurant, I’d definitely recommend a visit to le “Relais de l’Entrecote”. Just remember, there isn’t much choice besides rare, medium or well.

le “Relais de l’Entrecote” has four location in Paris. We dined at the Marbeuf location. An order of steak frites cost 26.60€, around $30US.

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10 thoughts on “This Paris Restaurant Serves One Dish & It’s Awesome!

  1. HiAperture- When you go, enjoy!

    Ann Pollack- Cool!

    Ken Cameron- I’m hoping when we go in NY, it’s close to as enjoyable as it was in Paris.

    Doug Antonelli- Funny! I’m not a wine drinker but we did have a Leffe with our meal!

    Kev Westnott- That definitely sounds like fun!

    Jessica- And tasty!

  2. Try also Cafe de Paris in Geneva. Same menu but cooked on your table so you can vary the dish from rare to well done by adjusting the ‘bunsen Burner’

  3. Lived in Paris 1976 thru 1979 and visited the original MANY times. Loved it. When we visit Paris, it is high on our list of musts. My wife has tried to recreate that sauce ever since and just hasn’t quite hit it. Tried their San Francisco location, but it didn’t match up.

    1. Dittos all around. We lived there 75-78 and la Entrecote was one of our favorites and one we introduced to many visitors. We also tried to duplicate the sauce with not very satisfactory results. Also true about the SFO copycat.
      Funny there was no mention of the wine. A demi bottle of wine was always included as recently as a few years ago when a friend went upon our recommendation.
      I characterized the menu selection as “What color do you want your meat and what color do you want your wine?”

  4. I had read mixed reviews, so I am glad to hear it is worth the visit. I have meant to go here on two recent trips to Paris and missed it both times. I had no idea they were in NYC as well. Between the two cities I will try to make it in 2019!

  5. Adams9802- Yes! We plan to try one out soon. (From what I understand, they’re basically the same but a slight different name. I think a different family member owns those.)

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