How Did I Do On This New York Times Travel Quiz?

New York TimesFrom time to time, I come across travel quizzes which test your knowledge of various elements of travel.

One of my favorites, doesn’t exactly test travel. The quiz wants to find out how many countries can you name in 7 minutes.

The New York Times has a new quiz trying to find out How Smart A Traveler Are You?

I’d consider myself a smart traveler but would I be according to the New York Times? I wasn’t sure, so I took their quiz.

Here are a few questions which were asked.a cartoon of a boat with people on it
a black airplane with images on it
I expected to do better on the quiz but I did get 6 out of 8 questions correct.New York TimesThe New York Times said, “Nice job! You seem to be on top of the latest travel trends and are getting more out of your trips than most. Keep up the momentum by reading our latest Travel Tips articles so you can do well again next time.”

Click here to take the quiz and let us know how you did.

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