Outside Quiz: How Long Could You Survive Without…

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I’m definitely no survival expert, I doubt that I could start a fire without a match or build a decent shelter in the woods if I needed to (or if I was cast to be on Survivor).

However, I’ve long been a fan of survival shows like Survivorman.

When watching shows about survival, they usually make things look easy. I often wonder how these people have so much knowledge about the outdoors.

Outside Magazine came up with a 12 question quiz asking How Long Can You Survive Without…

I was definitely interested in taking this quiz although I didn’t have high hopes that I’d do so well.

Here are a few of the questions:

So how did I do?

I have to say that I was a bit surprised by how well I did. Maybe watching Survivorman, Survivor and other shows along these lines have taught me some things over the years! Or maybe it was a case of good reasoning and guessing skills…

How well do you think you could do on this quiz? Find out by taking the quiz here.

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