A Visit To The Alexander Hamilton Birthplace

alexander hamiltonThe Michael W Travels family just returned from a trip to St Kitts. We enjoyed  our stay at the beautiful Park Hyatt.

During our visit, we decided to also visit sister island, Nevis. After doing a little research, we decided that we wanted to checkout the capital of the island, Charlestown.

We were surprised to learn that Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States was born there. (He was also the first Secretary of Treasury.)

Kim and I figured that it would be interesting to visit the Alexander Hamilton birthplace, now the Museum of Nevis History and the House of Assembly for the Nevis Island Administration.

We walked around Charlestown for a bit and then walked along the water over to the property.alexander hamiltonThe front fence was closed and the doors appeared to be locked. Bummer!

I decided to open the front gate and walk in, just to be sure that the museum wasn’t open.

Lucas and I looked around and went straight up the stairs. I opened up the green, wooden doors at the top of the steps, just to find another door behind it with a padlock on it. We looked through a window and saw some seating and a pulpit. The top floor had to be the island’s House of Assembly.

There were no signs down below mentioning a museum. We looked around some more, but the doors down below were also locked.

We were out of luck. There would be no visit to the Museum of Nevis History but at least we could say that we visited the Alexander Hamilton Birthplace!

It turns out that the original building was destroyed by an earthquake in 1840 and rebuilt or restored in 1983.

2 thoughts on “A Visit To The Alexander Hamilton Birthplace

  1. Ben O- We figured it would be nice to learn a bit more about the island but nobody was around! Was there some info about Hamilton or more focused on Nevis?

  2. I went into the museum in March and to be honest it’s a 5-10 minute museum and your done. I wouldn’t go so far out of my way for it. But I think of you already on Nevis it is a neat thing to see.

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