Can You Cancel an American Express Card through Live Chat?

American Express Card

Whenever I cancel a credit card, I usually call in first to see if there is some sort of retention offer. However, I’ve been a bit busy and didn’t want to waste time on the phone.

The annual fee posted for my Delta SkyMiles Business American Express Card and I definitely didn’t want to pay the $95 fee.

I logged onto to Amex account and figured I’d give the live chat a try.

At first I was asked a question or two in the chat feature before getting a chance to talk with a real person.

I then mentioned that I wanted to close my account. Even though I had the page up for my Delta Business account, the rep still asked which American Express card I wanted to close. I then had to answer some questions to verify my identity before we got down to business.

I again mentioned that I wanted to close my account and then had to wait a minute or two before getting a long response.

Typically when you mention that you want to close your account, the rep might transfer you to a retention department or ask why you want to close. Not this Amex rep…

The message stated that he was completing my request to cancel my account along with some other details about the closing. I was then asked if he should go ahead so I then asked if there was any retention offer or way to waive the fee.

The American Express Chat agent responded, “I am sorry. The fee is essential part of the card agreement and services. The fee covers a variety of benefits, features and rewards that are different for each of our Card products.”

So in closing my Delta Business American Express chat, there wasn’t any retention offer but I was able to close my account through the chat feature which was nice.

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One thought on “Can You Cancel an American Express Card through Live Chat?

  1. I’ve closed several Amex cards through their online chat feature recently. The only ones they wouldn’t let me do were Platinum cards. I was able to cancel a PRG, 2x SPG, Everyday Preferred, and a few Delta cards. They didn’t seem very concerned that a long time customer was cutting back business with them.

    Aside from the 50k retention offer on my Platinum card, the underlying message from Amex was ‘good riddance’. Certainly not what I’ve been used to with them in the past.

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