Delta Flight Delayed Due To Fight Between Pilot & Flight Attendant

Delta Flight
image: wikicommons

In early 2016 a Delta flight had to make an unscheduled landing due to a fight between two flight attendants.

A year and a half later a Delta flight was delayed due to “a dispute between an allegedly racist Delta airlines pilot and a younger flight attendant”, according to Gothamist.

The plane was supposed to leave New York’s LaGuardia Airport for Maine when the argument took place, causing a two-hour delay.

One passenger told the Daily News that the pilot called the flight attendant a “piece of shit” and also said other things which were “racist, inconsiderate and unprofessional.”

Not so surprisingly, the pilot and flight attendant put blame the other for causing the problem and they both claim “that the other grabbed their arm“.

Flight attendants were interviewed in the jetway by Port Authority Officers. No arrests were made and there were also no injuries. The flight eventually took off without the pilot or flight attendant involved in the incident.

Talk about a ridiculous reason for a flight delay. I doubt it will be released, but I’m curious to find out what caused the heated argument between the two parties involved.

Find out more about the story from Gothamist here.

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