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Is Social Media Ruining Your Vacation?

Social Media
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Social media sites are great ways to stay in touch with friends and family. And what better way is there to share your vacation photos than to post them on social media!

An article by Travel + Leisure mentions that, “The average person spends about nine hours of a weeklong vacation on social media, according to a study from Expedia.”

So are people wasting their vacation time on social media? Continue reading Is Social Media Ruining Your Vacation?

Can It Be True? Nobody Cares About Your Vacation Photos!

Vacation Photos

While traveling, one of the best ways to document a trip is by taking photos. And is there a better way to share details of your trip than by posting vacation photos on social media?

I used to share lots of vacation photos to Facebook but rarely do so anymore. It can be a pain and I also don’t really think about doing it. I think for one trip in the past year or 2, I posted photos since I had free WiFi during the flight home as a way to kill time. (I have been posting photos to Instagram though.)

The New York Post shares some interesting news related to vacation photos. Continue reading Can It Be True? Nobody Cares About Your Vacation Photos!

US Customs and Border Protection Want Visitor’s Social Media Info?

US Customs & Border Protection

The United States is a very popular destination for people to visit.

US Customs and Border Protection is responsible for keeping America’s borders safe. Although it’s tough to say if they’re really doing a great job… The agency shares various info via social media accounts and has a Twitter following (@CustomsBorder) of 104,000.

Now they might be asking visitors for their social media info! Continue reading US Customs and Border Protection Want Visitor’s Social Media Info?

Need A Social Media Travel Assistant?

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A couple of days back I wrote about a pretty crazy story about how a Woman FAKES Amazing 42 Day Vacation. The main point of taking this fake-cation was a project to “point out the artificiality of social media” according to CTV News.

If you don’t have the energy to plan and go through the hassle of taking a fake-cation, here is another way to take social media to the next level.

How about hiring a social media assistant for your next vacation! Continue reading Need A Social Media Travel Assistant?

Is United Airlines Improving It’s Social Media Presence?

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In my opinion, United Airlines has a pretty weak social media presence compared to rival airlines Delta and American (two of the best at social meida if you ask me). However, it seems like United is starting to take social media a bit more seriously.
United posts to Twitter on occasion but seems to rarely interact with it’s customers or respond to tweets directed towards them. Their tweets often just share news or ask a question which rarely results in a response.