Is Social Media Ruining Your Vacation?

Social Media

Social media sites are great ways to stay in touch with friends and family. And what better way is there to share your vacation photos than to post them on social media!

An article by Travel + Leisure mentions that, “The average person spends about nine hours of a weeklong vacation on social media, according to a study from Expedia.”

So are people wasting their vacation time on social media?

I think it’s hard to say, however “44 percent of the 2,000 people that Expedia surveyed said that they felt social media ruined their holiday experience in some way.”

It’s pretty crazy to think that such a large percentage of those surveyed feel such a negative impact from social media. I’d like to know if those people cut themselves off during their next trip.

Another interesting data point was that 10% of those who took part in the survey said that they “take up to 15 photos of one pose to make sure they’re capturing the perfect holiday selfie.”

Expedia’s “Stay Off Social” tool can help those ruining their vacations due to social media. The tool will post directly to social sites for you. Just put in your destination, how long you’ll be gone and how often you’d like Expedia to post.

T+L mentioned how users can select photos and captions to have “SOS” auto-post. You can even use generic stock photos. (I can’t imagine why somebody would bother to do this!)

Do you feel that social sites are ruining your vacation? I can’t say that I do. If you’re primarily using it while relaxing at your accommodations and it doesn’t interfere with your actual experiences, then what’s the big deal?

Find out more from T+L here.

3 thoughts on “Is Social Media Ruining Your Vacation?

  1. Nancy- I think using social media is fine to do while traveling, it’s just not doing too much!

    Lee- It definitely depends on what works best for each individual. When traveling, I’m still writing for my site, updating to Instagram and checking Twitter. Other social sites, not so much.

  2. I am quite guilty of doing a little too much social media while on vacation.  However, traveling is essentially a 2nd job for me with the blog and being an influencer for brands, so it is part of the tradeoff for being able to travel to so many cool destinations.

  3. If social media is ruining your vacation, you should stay off social media. I personally love traveling vicariously with my friends when they’re on trips and I know people love to do the same when we’re away.

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