Is United Airlines Improving It’s Social Media Presence?

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In my opinion, United Airlines has a pretty weak social media presence compared to rival airlines Delta and American (two of the best at social meida if you ask me). However, it seems like United is starting to take social media a bit more seriously.
United posts to Twitter on occasion but seems to rarely interact with it’s customers or respond to tweets directed towards them. Their tweets often just share news or ask a question which rarely results in a response.

I just received an e-mail from United related to social networks. United has accounts or some sort of presence with most of the big players- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and even a dedicated site called Hub where “you can discover and share United content that you care about”.
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I’ve checked United Hub a few times in the past and liked the easy to read style and content they’ve shared.
United Hub posts about:

  • News and Videos: Company, Travel Info, Mileageplus, Planes, Products & Services and Technology
  • United Progress: Progress Timeline and 787 Dreamliner
  • Connections: Hub Asks, Photo Gallery and Interviews

The e-mail that I received made me wonder if United was ready to improve it’s social media presence or will they stick to being one-sided? I’d love to see more interaction and response to questions/ tweets in the future.
I guess time will tell if they follow the lead of some of their competitors.
Here is a list of the United Airlines social accounts:

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