Need A Social Media Travel Assistant?

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A couple of days back I wrote about a pretty crazy story about how a Woman FAKES Amazing 42 Day Vacation. The main point of taking this fake-cation was a project to “point out the artificiality of social media” according to CTV News.

If you don’t have the energy to plan and go through the hassle of taking a fake-cation, here is another way to take social media to the next level.

How about hiring a social media assistant for your next vacation!

Hiring a social media assistant might be a great way for some to feel like they are celebrities or even starring in their own reality show.

One travel company, Bruvion Travel is now booking vacations which include 24/7 social media assistants for the low-cost of $500 per day! Oh, and that doesn’t include all of their travel expenses.

The package is called the “Selfie-less Travel” package.

So what does a social media assistant do? They’ll basically take photos for you and your family and post them to social media.

Here is a longer description from the ABC News article where I first heard about this brilliant new idea.

This person will keep clients engaged in every aspect of their vacation from the first-class champagne toast to iconic landmark photos,” with a focus on “capturing and documenting every aspect of the travelers vacation, edit photos and share those memories over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not just a social media expert, all 24/7 Assistants are well versed in both photography and photo editing to make sure clients look their absolute best in their posts.”

The article states that Bruvion is a high-end luxury travel company which “boasts a list of celebs among its clients”. Maybe celebrities are their target client but I can’t imagine why the average person would have a need for such a ridiculous third wheel.

For those of you not looking to have your whole trip documented, there is a cheaper option. For $250 per day plus daily expenses you can get a “local social media guru”.  Gurus are based in the destination where you are visiting and “will spend the day capturing and sharing memories,” the company said. “Not only will they follow clients around throughout the day, they will ensure the client is hitting the right spots and at the right times.”

So who’s in?

We’re going to pass on this option. I think taking our own photos and asking others to take the occasional group shot for us works just fine.

Find out more about social media assistants from ABC News here.

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