US Customs and Border Protection Want Visitor’s Social Media Info?

US Customs & Border Protection

The United States is a very popular destination for people to visit.

US Customs and Border Protection is responsible for keeping America’s borders safe. Although it’s tough to say if they’re really doing a great job… The agency shares various info via social media accounts and has a Twitter following (@CustomsBorder) of 104,000.

Now they might be asking visitors for their social media info!

You might wonder why US Customs and Borders Protection wants to know visitor’s social media accounts. Do they need more friends? Are they looking for some good laughs or more things to read?

According to’s Money, it’s “for vetting purposes, as well as applicant contact information“.

Travelers coming into the country might be asked to list their social media accounts and usernames. This could affect people seeking visa waivers, which allow people to stay in the U.S. without applying for a visa for up to 90 days. says that sharing the information would be optional but that most people would probably answer the questions since they’d worry that the application would get rejected.

What I don’t understand is how US Customs and Border Protection would even know if people have social media accounts? My guess is that most of us have Facebook but does everybody have Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts? Who knows. Oh, and would the bad guys really share social media accounts with the government? Probably not!

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