Can It Be True? Nobody Cares About Your Vacation Photos!

Vacation Photos

While traveling, one of the best ways to document a trip is by taking photos. And is there a better way to share details of your trip than by posting vacation photos on social media?

I used to share lots of vacation photos to Facebook but rarely do so anymore. It can be a pain and I also don’t really think about doing it. I think for one trip in the past year or 2, I posted photos since I had free WiFi during the flight home as a way to kill time. (I have been posting photos to Instagram though.)

The New York Post shares some interesting news related to vacation photos. Nobody cares about them! (How rude…)

In an article by the Post, Aviva (a travel insurer) found in their study, “that 73 percent of people think it’s downright obnoxious when others plaster social media with their vacation photos.”

Here are some interesting stats about the 2,000 people polled:

  • The “hot dogs or legs?” beach selfie was the most infuriating vacay pic.
  • 44 percent said they post holiday snaps to keep friends and family up to date
  • 21 percent admitted they do so to boast about where they’re vacationing
  • 10 percent do it to make others jealous

Here are the Top 5 Most Common Vacation Photos Posted:

  • The view from the balcony
  • Cultural landmarks and sightseeing pics
  • The first cocktail
  • People met while on vacation
  • Local dogs and cats

Do you like to post photos to social media? Do you find people that post vacation photos to social media to be annoying?

Find out more from the New York Post here.

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