Hacks Used To Travel Smarter

a shoe in a plastic bag

I’m always looking for new ways to improve our travel experiences.

I love learning about ways to travel cheaper, easier, smarter and just about any other way that might be of help.

Some of the most interesting strategies that I’ve come across in recent months have been found on lists of travel hacks. When you learn about some of the hacks you might scratch your head and think to yourself why didn’t I think of that!

After checking over the lists, I’ve learned some interesting new tips while also seeing that Kim and I have also been doing others for quite some time.

During our most recent trip to Las Vegas for BAcon, the BoardingArea Conference I made sure to utilize a couple of travel hacks and document it.

The hacks that I used were two very different ones. One helped with packing while the other made it easier to not be forgetful when returning home from the trip.

Two very different things, both made easier with travel hacks.

The Packing Hack:

a plastic bag on a couch

When I pack a pair of shoes or flip-flops, I usually just stick them in a plastic bag and wrap it up. I put both shoes together and it makes for an odd, bulky package that needs to be dealt with.

I came across a genius hack to deal with the issue of packing footwear in a clean way.a shoe in a plastic bag

While flying home from our trip Back to The Balkans, I made sure to take home a couple of shower caps from one of the hotels. I then used them to cover the bottoms of my shoes while packing for Vegas.

This kept my new luggage as well as the contents inside clean from any possible dirt on the bottom of my shoes.

The shower caps fit my shoes perfectly and never came loose while rearranging my things. Its a hack that I plan to continue using whenever I need to pack in the future!

The Parking Hack:

a phone with a picture of a street sign

Ever park your car and then come back to the general area but have no real clue where you’ve parked?

I’ve had this problem in sports stadiums, malls and even when leaving my car parked on the street at home. (My car is usually parked in a garage under my building.) I actually had this problem yesterday morning, while heading to work!a street sign on a pole

Here is a strategy that I’ve used on occassion in the past which I plan to use any time I drive to the airport in the future.

For a short trip from home in Brooklyn out of JFK it makes sense for me to drive to the Howard Beach AirTrain stop. There is free street parking in the area however sometimes you might need to park a few blocks away.

After a long weekend in Vegas, I wouldn’t expect to remember where I parked. Here is a simple hack to use to never again forget.

Take a photo of the street sign of the block you parked on with your smartphone!

When we got outside the AirTrain stop, I pulled out my phone, checked the photo on my phone, avoiding any wandering or confusion as to where I parked.

Sounds simple enough right!

Do you (or have you) use any travel hacks to simply travel? If so, share with us in the comments below. Maybe we can come up with a whole new list of travel hacks to spread around!

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