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Budget Travel 2016 Where To Go List

Budget Travel 2016

We’re now a month into 2016 and hopefully many of you have or are planning lots of great trips for the new year.

When picking where to go, many factors can come into play. Maybe we pick a destination due to a great airfare, award flight availability or maybe it’s just somewhere we’ve long wanted to see and explore.

Each year various travel sites and publications come up with a list of places to go for the new year. Continue reading Budget Travel 2016 Where To Go List

Win A Trip to Fiji From Budget Travel

win a trip to
image: Intercontinental Fiji

Budget Travel wants you to “Fall In Love All Over Again In Fiji” by giving away a 5 night trip for 2 to the main island, Viti Levu.

The prize includes flights from L.A. to Fiji along with a 5 night hotel stay!

Fiji is one of those far-flung destinations that I’d like to visit some day. Winning this prize would be a great way to get there. Continue reading Win A Trip to Fiji From Budget Travel

10 Most Romantic Islands in World

romantic island I guess that I’m not a very romantic traveler…

When I think of islands, lazy beach vacations come to mind. You know the kind where you sit around and drink those colorful drinks with umbrellas sticking out of the glass. As for the romance part, add in a massage or two and that could sum up a romantic island. (I’m probably leaving out a few important parts of the recipe…) Continue reading 10 Most Romantic Islands in World

A Way To Stay For Free When Traveling

a blue text with white backgroundWhen planning our travels there is a wide variety of places to stay. You can stay at hotels which fit all kinds of budgets, stay in hostels which can range from 20 person dorms to private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, go the Airbnb route or even camp out.

Yesterday I wrote about an interesting opportunity to spend a night at an Ikea in-store display home. This is a one-time opportunity at an Ikea in Australia so you can’t really consider it another lodging option while traveling…

I just came across another idea and way to potentially save a lot of money on lodging while traveling.
Continue reading A Way To Stay For Free When Traveling

Amazing Experiences Every Traveler Must Try

a giraffe and zebras in a field
Masai Mara, Kenya

Are you the kind of traveler that likes to go on the same kind of trip whenever you have a break from work? Do all-inclusives or beach vacations sound like the perfect trip for you?

While we had a really good time on our trip to the Dominican Republic, that’s not the kind of travel that we usually enjoy. Much to Kim’s dismay, I don’t see many more trips of this kind happening in the near future.

We all (including Lucas) enjoy exploring new places and meeting new people.

Travel gives us the opportunity to have a wide variety of experiences and get out of our comfort zone.  (Although getting out of one’s comfort zone might just be the thing that stops so many from traveling.)

Another big part of travel is the excitement of the unknown… Continue reading Amazing Experiences Every Traveler Must Try

Know When To Fly & Buy With Hopper

a logo with a rabbit and black textI came across an interesting and potentially cost saving website to check out when looking to buy  airline tickets.

The article was posted on BudgetTravel.com

According to Budget Travel, Hopper.com hopes to answer three questions:

  1. Where can I vacation for less?
  2. What’s the best day to buy airline tickets?
  3. What’s the best day to fly?

Hopper has a When to Fly And Buy search option where you enter where you’d like to fly to and from. The results come out displayed in an easy to read format. Continue reading Know When To Fly & Buy With Hopper

10 Most Family Friendly Cities In Europe

a dinosaur skeleton in a museum with Natural History Museum in the background

When we started traveling with Lucas, he was 11 weeks old. At the time, finding kid-friendly activities was (obviously) not a priority.  To ease back into traveling, we headed to Barbados figuring a Caribbean island would be simpler than running around and doing tons of sightseeing. It turned out that we did find quite a bit to do during the trip. We rented a car and drove all over the island even checking out the loud and busy Friday night Oistins Fish Fry.

Since then Lucas has been on quite a few trips. Here is a recap of his first 2 years of traveling. We’ve been on 3 trips to Europe since Lucas has turned 2 including our current trip to  Milan & Malta.

Continue reading 10 Most Family Friendly Cities In Europe

How Not To Embarass Yourself In A Foreign Country


Around a week back I wrote about a Yahoo slideshow featuring 10 Hand Gestures To Never Use Abroad. The slideshow showed how easy it could be to offend people while visiting a new place and doing something as simple as a hand gesture innocently.

Soon after writing about the “Hand Gestures” slideshow, I came across another article related to this potential offense (while traveling abroad).

Budget Travel has an article with some interesting tips on How Not To Embarrass Yourself In A Foreign Country.

Continue reading How Not To Embarass Yourself In A Foreign Country

Win A Trip To The British Virgin Islands

a collage of photos of a house and a beachBudget Travel is giving away a 6 night trip for 2 to the British Virgin Islands.

The winner will stay on the island of Tortola in the BVI. From what I know, there isn’t a whole lot to do there but for those of you looking for a relaxing vacation this could be a great trip! (I can’t say that it’s really for me.)

Continue reading Win A Trip To The British Virgin Islands