10 Most Romantic Islands in World

romantic island I guess that I’m not a very romantic traveler…

When I think of islands, lazy beach vacations come to mind. You know the kind where you sit around and drink those colorful drinks with umbrellas sticking out of the glass. As for the romance part, add in a massage or two and that could sum up a romantic island. (I’m probably leaving out a few important parts of the recipe…)

Those kind of trips don’t excite me much. Our travels are more running around and exploring for the bulk of the day.  When we get home from a trip, we are more tired than when we left. Relaxation isn’t really a part of our travel vocabulary (Kim probably would disagree).

I guess for me romantic would be exploring an old European city or doing a night safari in Africa…

I came across an article from Budget Travel- 10 Most Romantic Islands in the World.  I was curious to see which islands made the list.

The article describes each island in good detail but doesn’t go deep into explaining what makes an island a romantic one.

Here are Budget Travel’s 10 Most Romantic Islands:

  1. St Lucia
  2. Fiji
  3. Bora Bora
  4. North Bimini, Bahamas
  5. Curacao
  6. Boracay
  7. Lanai, Hawaii
  8. Lombok
  9. Mallorca
  10. Maldives

While I haven’t been to any of the islands from this list, a few of them have been considered over the years.

When we visited Barbados in 2012, St Lucia was our 2nd place choice (and one that I’d still like to visit in the future). During our trip to Bali, we were planning to also check out Lombok. After reading a bit more into going there, the island didn’t seem to be worth the effort. Bora Bora, well we’ve been to Moorea which is probably the same idea for a beautiful French Polynesian island.

Otherwise, I’d like to visit Fiji, the Maldives (just to say I’ve been there) and Curaco which I’ve heard is a beautiful island with lots of things to do.

What islands would you consider to be the most romantic? From the islands that we’ve visited, I’d go with Bali and Moorea.

Find out about each of Budget Travel’s choices for most romantic islands in the world here.

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