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Johnny Depp Buys Greek Island

Johnny Depp
Depp’s island-around here… image: Google Maps

When it comes to private islands, I’d think Necker Island, owned by Sir Richard Branson is probably one of the most well know. (Read about my unlikely encounter with Branson <not on Necker Island> here.)

Back in April I wrote about actor Leonardo DiCaprio turning a private island he owns in Belize into an eco-resort which sounded pretty cool (and expensive!). Continue reading Johnny Depp Buys Greek Island

Top 10 Islands To Visit 2015

Top 10 Islands

While a typical island vacation isn’t the most appealing kind of travel to me, there are many that definitely offer lots of things to do.

Some of my favorite trips have actually been to islands but they’re probably not ones that you’d typically think of.

When I think of some awesome island vacations that I’ve taken, Easter Island, San Blas (Panama) and Malta come to mind… No, they’re probably not the relaxing, beachy destinations that you probably thought I’d bring up. Continue reading Top 10 Islands To Visit 2015

10 Most Romantic Islands in World

romantic island I guess that I’m not a very romantic traveler…

When I think of islands, lazy beach vacations come to mind. You know the kind where you sit around and drink those colorful drinks with umbrellas sticking out of the glass. As for the romance part, add in a massage or two and that could sum up a romantic island. (I’m probably leaving out a few important parts of the recipe…) Continue reading 10 Most Romantic Islands in World

Quiz: Which Exotic Island Should You Visit?

a colosseum and eiffel towerIsland vacations aren’t usually my idea of a destination for a great trip unless we’re talking about places like Australia, New Zealand, Malta and other similar locations.

The examples I gave are places where there are lots to do besides sitting on the beach. When I hear the word island, I tend to think the Caribbean. Not my favorite part of the world to visit although we had a nice time in places like Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. (We’re actually thinking of using up Kim’s remaining Southwest points for a trip to Jamaica.) Continue reading Quiz: Which Exotic Island Should You Visit?