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Know When To Fly & Buy With Hopper

a logo with a rabbit and black textI came across an interesting and potentially cost saving website to check out when looking to buy  airline tickets.

The article was posted on BudgetTravel.com

According to Budget Travel, Hopper.com hopes to answer three questions:

  1. Where can I vacation for less?
  2. What’s the best day to buy airline tickets?
  3. What’s the best day to fly?

Hopper has a When to Fly And Buy search option where you enter where you’d like to fly to and from. The results come out displayed in an easy to read format. Continue reading Know When To Fly & Buy With Hopper

Wonder What Flights Are Above? Ask Siri

a close-up of a logoI’ve had an iPhone for years and find it to be an invaluable device.

Since I teach kids 1:1 in various locations and don’t have a physical office, my phone also serves as my computer (so to speak) throughout the day.

When Siri was first introduced, it sounded like it had the potential to be a useful addition to the iPhone. At first I played around with it but I gave up bothering with it within a couple of weeks. I find Siri to pretty much be a gimmicky, useless app. And it’s not like Siri understands what you ask her most of the time!

However, I just came across a really cool trick that Siri can do thanks to Yahoo Tech.

Continue reading Wonder What Flights Are Above? Ask Siri