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Where To Go

Are you having trouble deciding where to go for your 2016 travels? If so, Budget Travel might be able to help.

I recently wrote about the Budget Travel 2016 Where To Go List which included some very interesting places. Now you can get an idea of where to go in 2016 by taking their quiz.

To help you find out where to go, Budget Travel has a quiz with 10 questions. I decided to take the quiz to find out where they think I should go.

Here are a few of my favorite questions:

Question 2:

Where To Go

Question 4:

Where To Go

Question 7: Where To Go

Question 9:
Where To Go

So, where does Budget Travel recommend that I go?

Where To Go

Iceland, a country that I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time. A pretty great recommendation if you ask me!

Find out where Budget Travel thinks you should go in 2016 by taking the quiz here.

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2 thoughts on “Take the Budget Travel Where To Go 2016 Quiz

  1. I took this quiz again today having forgot my answers from a while back. It still tells me to go to Portugal so I guess that’s that.

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