Amazing Experiences Every Traveler Must Try

Masai Mara, Kenya

Are you the kind of traveler that likes to go on the same kind of trip whenever you have a break from work? Do all-inclusives or beach vacations sound like the perfect trip for you?

While we had a really good time on our trip to the Dominican Republic, that’s not the kind of travel that we usually enjoy. Much to Kim’s dismay, I don’t see many more trips of this kind happening in the near future.

We all (including Lucas) enjoy exploring new places and meeting new people.

Travel gives us the opportunity to have a wide variety of experiences and get out of our comfort zone.  (Although getting out of one’s comfort zone might just be the thing that stops so many from traveling.)

Another big part of travel is the excitement of the unknown…

Budget Travel came up with a list of 8 trips that “should be on everyone’s list” in an article last month about  Amazing Experiences Every Traveler MUST Try!

Here is the list:

  • Snorkeling in Belize
  • River Cruise in Europe
  • Safari in Kenya
  • Hang Gliding in LA
  • Cooking classes in Tuscany
  • Tango Lessons in Buenos Aires
  • Volunteer Vacation
  • Genealogy Travel

I went over the article and saw that I had only experienced one of the trips BT’s list, going on Safari in Kenya. We’ve also done things similar to a couple of others.

  • Snorkeling- We’ve gone snorkeling all over the world with some highlights being Moorea (French Polynesia), St John (USVI) and Barbados.
  • Cooking Class- We didn’t exactly take a cooking class but we did once take a cupcake baking class in NYC. I know its close to home being that we live in Brooklyn but who says that you can’t have amazing experiences without traveling far from home!

From this list there are a few things that I would like to do.

  • I’d like to visit Belize one of these days to visit the Mayan ruins as well as go snorkeling there.
  • Although I really do not like cruises I keep seeing lots written about river cruises. I wonder if one might be worth a try some day?
  • I’ve always thought that the idea of voluntourism sounded appealing but have also heard they aren’t always so good for the people being helped. If I volunteer during a vacation I think that someday I will head back to Elephant Nature Park (where we spent a day during our trip to Thailand years back) and donate some time there.

Find out about the Amazing Experiences Every Traveler Must Try HERE.

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