Woud You Spend SkyMiles For Experiences

Last week I wrote a post and asked if you would Bid With Miles For a Flight Simulator Experience.  Here are some other options where you can use miles to bid for a variety of experiences.

Would I use my miles for this kind of thing? No! But, I do think it is interesting to see what Delta would like to offer us as options to spend our miles on.

I’ve received e-mails in the past from Delta about their SkyMiles Auctions but don’t think that I’ve ever actually taken a moment to see what was offered. I probably haven’t looked since the odds are extremely high that I would not bid with my miles for any sort of experience. However, maybe I would be surprised by what I saw…

There are quite a few auctions currently going on- baseball games, auto racing, concerts, trips and more. Many of them include VIP access, some with special access, others offering a meet & greet with a celebrity.

Since so many of you complain about the value of SkyMiles (SkyPesos anyone!), I wondered- maybe you would like to bid on an experience instead of waiting to book that desired flight. I figured, while checking out the auctions, I could suggest some interesting things to bid on. (OK, I’m not really serious about this.)

Here are some of the auctions currently going on: So what do you think- Would you consider bidding on an experience with your SkyMiles?

If you’ve done so in the past, please let us know what you bid on/ won and how many miles it set you back.

Check out  all of the Delta SkyMiles auctions here.

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