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A Game For (Lufthansa) Duck Lovers?

Yesterday I reviewed Diggerland, a really fun and unique construction theme park.

While at the park, Lucas wandered through the small arcade area a few times. We didn’t play any of the games but for him pushing the buttons and looking at them was as fun as could be.

While we walked around the arcade there was one of those claw-game machines that caught my eye due to it offering a variety of interesting prizes. Continue reading A Game For (Lufthansa) Duck Lovers?

Send Your Kids to North Korea For What???

image from Mashable

After keeping Lucas home with a babysitter for around 2.5 years, he started camp this summer. It’s been a little over 3 weeks of camp and he seems to love it so far.

Lucas’ camp is less than a five-minute ride from home. As a kid I wanted to go to sleepaway camp but didn’t get a chance to. Maybe when Lucas gets to be a little older Kim and I should consider sending him to sleepaway camp in North Korea! Continue reading Send Your Kids to North Korea For What???

Review: Diggerland, An Awesome Construction Theme Park


I recently wrote about America’s Wackiest Theme Parks which was based on an article from Yahoo Travel. While I don’t enjoy rides and am not much of a theme park fan, a few parks from the list sounded like they could be a lot of fun.

A couple of days after writing my post, I was happy to get invited to a park from the list that (I’d probably say) I most wanted to visit. Best of all, it happened to be only around a 2 hour drive from home!

This past Saturday, Kim, Lucas and I headed to Diggerland USA to see just what this “Construction Theme Park” was all about.  Continue reading Review: Diggerland, An Awesome Construction Theme Park

An Encounter With A Top Chef

While looking into things to do during Our Mid-West Mini Road Trip, I came across a site that I had to make a quick stop at. It has no admission fees and you’ll likely only need a couple of minutes there, but to me it is well worth it.

The site isn’t much to talk about, it’s a statue of a very famous chef- Chef Boyardee!

When I first heard about the Chef Boyardee statue, I thought of our visit last year to Milwaukee where we had a lot of fun visiting the Bronze Fonz. (If you click the link make sure to scroll down the page to find out about it.) Continue reading An Encounter With A Top Chef

Possibly The Most Kid-Friendly Flights On This Airline

At almost 2.5 years old Lucas has flown over 120,000 miles on 17 different airlines. Some of the airlines have been nice enough to hand out little toy surprises to make him feel a bit more welcome and comfortable while onboard. Besides giving out a little toy, I can’t say that any airline has done much to blow me away in terms of catering towards little ones.

Now I’m not saying that many flight attendants haven’t been extra nice to Lucas but how about offering something that really makes me want to fly on their planes? Continue reading Possibly The Most Kid-Friendly Flights On This Airline

Delta Flight Museum Just Re-Opened, It’s Awesome

When I booked our flight to Atlanta I was disappointed to hear that the Delta Flight Museum was closed for renovations. It was actually supposed to reopen a few weeks after we were in town.

I decided to give the museum a call anyway just to be safe. If the museum was open, it was an attraction that I didn’t want to miss. I was surprised when someone answered the phone and told me that the museum had actually opened a bit earlier than planned!

I checked out the museum’s website (where it still stated it would be reopening mid- June) and tickets were for sale. I decided to hold off on buying them just in case something came up and we couldn’t make it. This ended up being a great move. A $12 per person entry fee would’ve cost Kim and I over $25 with tax, but when we arrived we were told that entry was free for now since there was no way for them to collect the money!

Score! An earlier than expected opening plus no fee to get in!

Continue reading Delta Flight Museum Just Re-Opened, It’s Awesome

The Best Museums For Families

Fram Museum- Oslo, Norway

When visiting new places, museums are a great way to quickly get some background and learn a little something about an area or topic. On just about every trip, we’ll usually visit a few museums.

I’ve heard lots of people say that they find  traveling with little ones difficult. When it comes to sightseeing, it can mean less time to visit sites & attractions that interest adults and  most of their time is dedicated to finding things to entertain the kids.

At this point we’re still pretty lucky.

Lucas seems to (just about) always be curious and interested in whatever we are doing. He’s been to lots of amazing museums and sites, and he just about always has a good time! Hopefully this will continue to be true in the future. Continue reading The Best Museums For Families

Inspire Your Child To Learn About The World

I hope that Lucas continues to enjoy traveling, going to new places and exploring the world when he is old enough to make his own decisions. Kim and I feel that by exposing Lucas to new places and experiences at an early age he will remain curious and want to travel more as he gets older.

I came across a product that might be a great way to allow your child to learn about the world without stepping foot on a plane. It might just also inspire your kiddie to want to get going to experience new countries and travel the world before you know it.

Little Passports is a subscription service that offers a World and USA edition. Continue reading Inspire Your Child To Learn About The World

10 Most Family Friendly Cities In Europe

When we started traveling with Lucas, he was 11 weeks old. At the time, finding kid-friendly activities was (obviously) not a priority.  To ease back into traveling, we headed to Barbados figuring a Caribbean island would be simpler than running around and doing tons of sightseeing. It turned out that we did find quite a bit to do during the trip. We rented a car and drove all over the island even checking out the loud and busy Friday night Oistins Fish Fry.

Since then Lucas has been on quite a few trips. Here is a recap of his first 2 years of traveling. We’ve been on 3 trips to Europe since Lucas has turned 2 including our current trip to  Milan & Malta.

Continue reading 10 Most Family Friendly Cities In Europe