Possibly The Most Kid-Friendly Flights On This Airline

At almost 2.5 years old Lucas has flown over 120,000 miles on 17 different airlines. Some of the airlines have been nice enough to hand out little toy surprises to make him feel a bit more welcome and comfortable while onboard. Besides giving out a little toy, I can’t say that any airline has done much to blow me away in terms of catering towards little ones.

Now I’m not saying that many flight attendants haven’t been extra nice to Lucas but how about offering something that really makes me want to fly on their planes?

I was surprised to read about a new experience being offered to kids over the summer on Israeli airline El Al. When I think of El Al, security and safety is what comes to mind not entertainment for kids including possible cockpit visits!

This summer, ELALCHIK welcomes Little Michal the popular Israeli star among youngsters. Little Michal is brimming with surprises for children to assure a fun-filled flight! 

This special experience will be available on select flights to New York, Amsterdam, Paris and London.

At the beginning of the flight the ELACHIK clown will give a special Little Michal flight activity kit to each kid.

Activity Book

According t to El Al, here is what else will be offered with this new experience:

  • Throughout the flight, the clown will keep the kids busy in their seats with a variety of activities, games and more.
  • Only on ELALCHIK flights can your children be Dayalchiks (child cabin attendants) and help the crew during the flight.
  • Only on ELALCHIK flights select children who fulfill ELALCHIK tasks will be invited to visit the cockpit, meet the captain and learn about how to pilot a plane. The captain will give them souvenirs of their visit.
  • Little Michal will charm the children with a selection of programs on the flight’s entertainment channel. Children flying on the “ELALCHIK Welcomes Little Michal” flights will be invited to draw pictures, some of which will be selected for publication on the EL AL website.

And here is the best part– activities take place in a calm, quiet atmosphere, making the flight tranquil and pleasant for everyone.

So, what do you think of El Al’s new extra kid-friendly flights?

If I didn’t already have my summer travels already booked, this would have been a good option to try out with the ticket I won at the JFK Runway RunWould this give you incentive to fly a particular carrier if something similar was being offered?

FInd out more about this special kids experience with El Al HERE.

2 thoughts on “Possibly The Most Kid-Friendly Flights On This Airline

  1. Cool idea! Allowing the kids to be cabin attendant helpers reminds me out Southwest many years ago — I used to travel on Southwest somewhat often for church youth group trips and the flight attendants would usually pick a few of my fellow (pre-teen & high school age) friends to hand out the peanuts and generally entertain the cabin. It was really fun for us since we made up about half the plane. Maybe not so much fun for the rest of the passengers on board with a bunch of adolescents. 😉

    1. We just wonderded how they keep things calm, quiet & tranquil!

      That’s a great story about Southwest! Hope you had a chance to be an attendant!

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