Inspire Your Child To Learn About The World

I hope that Lucas continues to enjoy traveling, going to new places and exploring the world when he is old enough to make his own decisions. Kim and I feel that by exposing Lucas to new places and experiences at an early age he will remain curious and want to travel more as he gets older.

I came across a product that might be a great way to allow your child to learn about the world without stepping foot on a plane. It might just also inspire your kiddie to want to get going to experience new countries and travel the world before you know it.

Little Passports is a subscription service that offers a World and USA edition. Through this program, kids will follow Sam and Sofia on their exciting adventures. Every month your child will receive a package in the mail where they will learn about a different country or state.

  • World Edition– recommended for kids ages 5-10. The first month Explorer Kit comes with a little suitcase along with a letter from Sam & Sofia, a map, a passport, stickers, online games. Country packages include souvenirs, letters, stickers, photos, work sheets and more.
  • USA Edition– recommended¬†for kids age 7-12. The first month Discovery Kit comes with a letter from Sam & Sofia, a USA Field Guide, scratch book, map and camera. Each month after, Sam & Sofia will visit 2 new states. The package will include a travel journal with stickers, postcards, models and online activities.

Cost of Subscription Packages:

  • Monthly– $11.95 per month + $2 shipping
  • 12 Month Plan– $10.95 per month- One payment of $131.40 + $20 shipping.
  • 6 Month Plan– $13.95 per month- One payment of $83.70 + $15 shipping

With Lucas being only 2 years old, he has some years to go before Little Passports might be good for him. However, if he was older I’d be interested in getting it for him to try out.

Find out more about Little Passports HERE.

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