A Game For (Lufthansa) Duck Lovers?

a machine with a few objects

Yesterday I reviewed Diggerland, a really fun and unique construction theme park.

While at the park, Lucas wandered through the small arcade area a few times. We didn’t play any of the games but for him pushing the buttons and looking at them was as fun as could be.

While we walked around the arcade there was one of those claw-game machines that caught my eye due to it offering a variety of interesting prizes.

For quite some time I’ve wanted to get one of those silly Lufthansa Ducks for a couple of reasons. I’d love to get one for Lucas and it would be a fun item to have in my airline- related junk collection!

Last summer Lucas finally got an airline duck but more recently I’ve been wondering about Lufthansa Ducks- What’s the big deal?

a large pile of rubber ducks

Now back to Diggerland… While walking through the arcade, we spotted the most awesome claw-game machine called Grab-A-Duck where the prize is one of the many varieties of rubber duckys!

Is this not a machine that Lufthansa fans would love?  Oh right, these ducks don’t have the little Lufthansa logo stamped on it…

a child holding a toy duck

I think one of these claw-game machines would be a great addition to Lufthansa lounges.

Offer the ducks the same way to first-class flyers but how about adding one of these machines to the Business-Class lounges. Upon entry, give each person one play on the claw game and if they win, the valuable Lufthansa duck is theirs to keep!

a duck tape in a box

P.S. While leaving Diggerland, I spotted this item for sale in the gift shop.

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