Did I Get A Barclays Wyndham Rewards Card Retention Offer?

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Last year I received what I’d consider a fair retention offer for my Wyndham Rewards credit card. Thanks in part to the offer, my Wyndham Rewards account now has enough points for 5 free nights.

When the $69 annual fee posted, I once again had to make a decision- do I want to keep or close the card?

I figured that if Barclays wanted to make me an offer like last year, then I’d consider keeping my card open. If not, I’d just close it.

After navigating the automated system for a bit, I finally got to speak to a representative. I explained that I wanted to close my account and the rep quickly asked me why. I then mentioned how I don’t use the card much and don’t want to pay the fee.

Before I could even ask if there were any offers to keep my card open, the rep mentioned that she had submitted the request.

I then asked if there were any retention offers and I was told no. Not really a big deal if you ask me…

The rep then mentioned that the system was having problems so I should call back to confirm that my card was cancelled.

I called back a couple of days later and the automated message said how the card was closed but it mentioned that I had an account balance of $69! I quickly asked for an operator.

The rep mentioned that my account was closed and I then said I know, but how come the fee was not removed like I was told it would!

The answer made little sense- she said it posted on March 31 which wasn’t true, it posted on May 31. I again mentioned how I closed the card because I didn’t want to pay the annual fee etc..

I was then placed on hold. After a few minutes the rep said she was able to get the fee removed.

So no retention offer for my Wyndham Rewards credit card but I did get some headache from the process of closing my account.

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