Did I Get An AAdvantage Aviator Red Retention Offer?

AAdvantage Aviator Red

Back in March I was surprised when I had paid my AAdvantage Aviator Red card’s bill even though the card hadn’t arrived.

For those of you confused by what I am talking about, I’ll quickly explain. Due to American Airlines and US Airways merging, the Barclays US Airways credit card was being switched over to the AA Aviator credit card.

When my bill arrived in the mail a few weeks back with the $89 annual fee included, I knew there was an important call that I had to make. I needed to call Barclays to see if there were any retention offers.

Besides cards that offer a benefit like a free night for paying an annual fee (IHG), I am usually not willing to pay a fee. With so many credit cards to choose from, I can’t say that I see the need to pay unnecessary fees.

I was hoping that Barclays would waive the fee or offer me a really nice bonus to think twice about closing my account. I’d like to hold onto the Aviator Red for a few reasons.

  1. I am down to only one other AA credit card which will probably get closed soon.
  2. Barclays offers generous bonuses from time to time.
  3. You can not apply for an AAdvantage Aviator Red card. Once it closes, you can not get it again.

I called the customer service phone number on the back of my card (866-928-3075) to see if Barclays could help me out.

After briefly speaking to the first rep and explaining that I wanted to close my card I was transferred to a specialist. I again mentioned that I didn’t want to pay the fee on my card and was thinking of closing it.

Within a matter of seconds, the specialist offered to waive the fee. She mentioned how I could try out the card for another year for free to see if I like it or not.

This seemed way too easy so I asked if there were any other offers.

A quick check was done and I was offered (for 90 days) one extra mile per $1 spent in three categories- gas, groceries and utilities. With the offer I could earn a max of 8,000 bonus miles.

Although I don’t see using the AAdvantage Aviator Red card for spend in these categories, I still accepted it along with the fee being waived.

Overall, I’m happy that I was offered the card fee-free for another year. Now, I’m just hoping a sweet bonus offer comes my way in the future!

Do you have an AAdvantage Aviator card? If so do you plan to keep it or close it when the fee posts?

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10 thoughts on “Did I Get An AAdvantage Aviator Red Retention Offer?

  1. I also called to cancel. My retention offer was 5,000 AA miles for $1k spend in 90 days and annual fee waived. I kept the card for another year. Hope to get a better offer next year. =p

  2. Mike- I’d also like to keep it do to the bonuses as long as the fee gets waived.

    Rich A- Very nice!

    Jason D- Sounds like Barclays definitely wants us all to keep the card. Hopefully solid bonus offers keep coming.

    1. Michael, I noticed with the silver aviator, offers did not come very often as I was hearing with thr red aviator. I’m getting charged $89 for my arrival plus at thr end of the month so I hope I have luck with a waiver or more retention offers

  3. I upgraded to silver for free before my annual fee was due to try it out. Changed to a world elite card. Then I called in dec to change it back to aviator red before the fee was due this month in Jan. I was told I could keep Mc elite on the red card. I also got 1 extra point in gas/grocery/utiilties. I was also offered 0% for 6 months. They couldn’t waive the fee as it had not been charged yet. I probably should of downgraded it after the fee charged so the fee would get waived. However I believe they took care of me and really tried to save the business

  4. I kept the card after being offered 15,000 AA miles if I spend a min. of $500 in Dec., Jan. and Feb. Fee waived ’til Dec. 2016. Happy, happy —–

  5. I plan to keep the card for as long as possible to hold onto the possibility of upgrading to the Silver version should i ever need the EQM’s. My brother, girlfriend and I all have the Red. We all had our fees waived at 1st anniversary, although only I was also offered bonus miles out of the 3 of us (5000 mi for $1000 spend in 90 days). Seemed like that was because I used the card considerably LESS often than the 2 of them. I also appreciate the frequent 90-day bonus categories that I’m offered via email.

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