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Washington, DC Getting A Game of Thrones Bar for a Limited Time

game of thrones
Dunluce Castle- (Castle Greyjoy in GoT)

It seems that the thing to do with hit TV shows is host a pop-up!

There were pop-ups of AMC’s Breaking Bad restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos in a few cities back in April. A Saved By The Bell pop up was supposed to tour the country last year.

In a little over a week Washington, DC will be getting a Game of Thrones pop-up bar. Continue reading Washington, DC Getting A Game of Thrones Bar for a Limited Time

The Eiffel Tower Has A Free Zip Line For A Limited Time

Eiffel Tower
image: wikicommons

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Around 7 million visit people each year.

The iconic tower offers amazing views. A friend and I took the stairs when we visited years back. It’s also lit up at night.

For a limited time there’s a free, adventurous attraction being offered at the Eiffel Tower. Continue reading The Eiffel Tower Has A Free Zip Line For A Limited Time

The Happiest Countries in the World Are…

happiest countriesWhen looking into traveling to new places have you ever thought about what the happiest countries in the world might be? If you answered no, well neither have I.

I like to think that I’ve traveled my fair share, although definitely not enough! Some places have stood out as being happy or maybe just friendlier. If I had to pick one destination that would be at the top of my list, I’d go with Bali, Indonesia.

Today, March 20 is the International Day of Happiness according to T+L. Continue reading The Happiest Countries in the World Are…

Titanic To Sail Again in 2018?

Titanic 2
Image: Wikimedia Commons

In September 2014 I wrote that the Titanic would sail again in 2016.

The plans to build a new Titanic (the Titanic 2) were developed by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. Since writing the post, I haven’t thought much about Titanic 2 but it looks like plans are back on track for the new ocean liner to sail a couple of years later than originally expected. Continue reading Titanic To Sail Again in 2018?

Most Dangerous Foods That Can Kill You

Most Dangerous Foods
Hakarl- image: CNTraveler

While most would consider me to be a pretty picky eater (I don’t eat most fruits and vegetables) I’d still consider myself an adventurous eater, well at least when it comes to  travel.

One of the great things about travel is that it takes you out of your comfort zone and opens your mind to new things. Why else would I have tried guinea pig, fat ass ants or mud? Yes mud- that was in Peru! Continue reading Most Dangerous Foods That Can Kill You

Best Cities For Chocolate Lovers

chocolate lovers
Jacques Torres Chocolates

While traveling (and at home), Kim and I love to visit local chocolate shops & factories that we come across.

Much like beer, chocolate comes in all different varieties and flavors which are definitely fun and enjoyable to sample.

At home, we are pretty lucky when it comes to chocolate. There are many notable places where amazing, local chocolates are produced. We have Mast Brothers, Jacques Torres, Nunu and Raaka just to name a few… (For those of you unfamiliar with chocolate around NYC, those mentioned here are all actually located in Brooklyn.) Continue reading Best Cities For Chocolate Lovers

10 of the World’s Greatest Ruins

2014 Friendliest & Unfriendliest Cities in the WorldThroughout our travels I’d say that if I had to pick favorite experiences, visiting ruins and adventures involving animals would rank at the top for us.

When visiting a country, a lot can be learned by visiting great ruins from past times. It can really explain a lot in relation to how a people lived and got by. Other ruins can also leave many question unanswered.

I think all of these elements create an excitement and leave it open for us to wonder & fill in the blanks on our own. I love imagining how the people built and crafted some of the amazing sites we’ve visited over the years. Continue reading 10 of the World’s Greatest Ruins