Titanic To Sail Again in 2018?

Titanic 2
Image: Wikimedia Commons

In September 2014 I wrote that the Titanic would sail again in 2016.

The plans to build a new Titanic (the Titanic 2) were developed by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. Since writing the post, I haven’t thought much about Titanic 2 but it looks like plans are back on track for the new ocean liner to sail a couple of years later than originally expected.

According to Conde Naste Traveler, Palmer “is building an exact replica of the “unsinkable” ship- with a few key safety tweaks, of course“.

Blue Star Line recently released the plans for a replica of the famous ship. Titanic 2 will have nine floors with 840 cabins.

Due to safety features the ship will not be an exact replica. It will be widened four feet and also have a welded hull. It will also have air conditioning and have modern navigation, radar and satellite devices onboard.

CN Traveler mentions that the project seems to be getting mostly favorable feedback with people contacting Blue Star lines to try to get tickets.

The maiden voyage is supposed to set sail from Jiangsu, China to Dubai in 2018.

Stay tuned…

Find out more from CN Traveler here.

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