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Jacques Torres Opening Chocolate Museum in NYC

jacques torres
OTG’s United Experience

I’m always on the lookout for fun things to do close to home. Even when we’re not traveling, it isn’t hard to find ways to keep busy exploring around New York City.

While I’m not a big fan of big, boring museums, I do love museums that focus on odd things as well as food.

I was pretty excited to come across news that Mr. Chocolate himself, Jacques Torres would soon be opening a chocolate museum in the city! Continue reading Jacques Torres Opening Chocolate Museum in NYC

Update: More Camel Products

Al Nassma 

A while back I wondered if any of you have tried camel food products?

Some things I came across during our trip to the Mid- East Gulf States were various flavors of camel milk, camel tenderloin and camel burgers. I kind of regret not having had the chance to try any of these items.

After I wrote the post, I remembered that there was one important item that we came across on a bunch of occasions (especially in airports) that I left out. Continue reading Update: More Camel Products

Best Cities For Chocolate Lovers

chocolate lovers
Jacques Torres Chocolates

While traveling (and at home), Kim and I love to visit local chocolate shops & factories that we come across.

Much like beer, chocolate comes in all different varieties and flavors which are definitely fun and enjoyable to sample.

At home, we are pretty lucky when it comes to chocolate. There are many notable places where amazing, local chocolates are produced. We have Mast Brothers, Jacques Torres, Nunu and Raaka just to name a few… (For those of you unfamiliar with chocolate around NYC, those mentioned here are all actually located in Brooklyn.) Continue reading Best Cities For Chocolate Lovers

The Sweetest Ending To A Flight

a heart shaped chocolate candy
Air Berlin Chocolate Heart

During our trip Back to The Balkans we flew with Air Berlin to get to/ from our destinations. Over the past couple of years we’ve flown with the airline a few times, finding award availability using our American Airlines AAdvantage miles.

If Air Berlin wasn’t a member of oneworld (making it a partner of AA) our summer trip to the Balkans and last years trip to Germany for Oktoberfest may have not even happened.

The thing about Air Berlin is that we’ve found the seats on their planes (in coach) to be some of the most uncomfortable for international flights. Continue reading The Sweetest Ending To A Flight

America’s Best Chocolate Shops

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.04.52 PM
Image from Fodor’s article

So who doesn’t like chocolate? I think I’d be hard-pressed to find one person raising their hand in a room of 100 people.

I’ll admit that I love chocolate, especially dark. I’ve sampled amazing chocolates all over the world and enjoy trying out local shops and brands.

When it comes to chocolate, one trip stands out. During a quick trip to Belgium, my brother and I had lots of fun sampling amazing chocolates from lots of different shops. (FYI- The beer was pretty darn good too!)

I came across an article about America’s Best Chocolate Shops from Fodor’s earlier in the month.

Continue reading America’s Best Chocolate Shops