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Have A Thanksgiving Feast Around the World

Thanksgiving Feast
image: Songpyeon- wikicommons

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. And while I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of traditional Thanksgiving foods (here’s looking at you turkey!), it’s still a good excuse for family to get together.

The holiday is “celebrated in Canada and the United States as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year“, according to Wikipedia.

A few years back we had a not so typical Thanksgiving and a couple of years back we took a quick trip over the holiday.

Did you know that you could have a Thanksgiving feast at other destinations around the world? Continue reading Have A Thanksgiving Feast Around the World

“Win” a $2 Luxury Hotel Stay in NYC

The Knickerbocker Hotel
image: The Knickerbocker

I recently came across a pretty awesome promotion from Conde Naste Traveler.

CN Traveler shares a “Deal of the Day: A Five-Star Hotel in NYC for Just $2“.

But of course there has got to be a catch. Regardless, I signed up for this offer and hope to win a $2 bargain priced NYC hotel stay! Continue reading “Win” a $2 Luxury Hotel Stay in NYC

Most Dangerous Foods That Can Kill You

Most Dangerous Foods
Hakarl- image: CNTraveler

While most would consider me to be a pretty picky eater (I don’t eat most fruits and vegetables) I’d still consider myself an adventurous eater, well at least when it comes to  travel.

One of the great things about travel is that it takes you out of your comfort zone and opens your mind to new things. Why else would I have tried guinea pig, fat ass ants or mud? Yes mud- that was in Peru! Continue reading Most Dangerous Foods That Can Kill You

Premium Economy Seats Worth Paying For

premium economy class
image: CNTraveler- Air New Zealand

During our recent trip to Orlando, I was able to select complimentary Main Cabin Extra seats due to my lifetime Gold status with American Airlines.

While it’s highly unlikely that I’d ever pay to upgrade to these seats, it was nice to have the extra leg room and early boarding. (Either way I would’ve had an earlier boarding group due to my status.)

In my opinion, Main Cabin Extra seats offers the space that should be allocated to all flyers booking in the back of the plane. (A bit less would even be acceptable.) However as we all know, the airlines trying to squeeze as many passengers onto a flight certainly would not agree. Continue reading Premium Economy Seats Worth Paying For

10 of the World’s Greatest Ruins

2014 Friendliest & Unfriendliest Cities in the WorldThroughout our travels I’d say that if I had to pick favorite experiences, visiting ruins and adventures involving animals would rank at the top for us.

When visiting a country, a lot can be learned by visiting great ruins from past times. It can really explain a lot in relation to how a people lived and got by. Other ruins can also leave many question unanswered.

I think all of these elements create an excitement and leave it open for us to wonder & fill in the blanks on our own. I love imagining how the people built and crafted some of the amazing sites we’ve visited over the years. Continue reading 10 of the World’s Greatest Ruins

2014 Friendliest & Unfriendliest Cities in the World

a black and white logoLast year I wrote a post about the Friendliest and Unfriendliest Cities in the U.S. 

While Conde Nast came out with a slideshow of 2014’s winners I thought it would be more interesting this time around to check out the Friendliest and Unfriendliest cities in the world according to CN Traveler’s readers. Continue reading 2014 Friendliest & Unfriendliest Cities in the World

Amazing Bars & Restaurants Underwater Around the World

a large glass cylinder with blue water
Radisson Blu Berlin AquaDom

While I really enjoy snorkeling I haven’t really done any underwater exploration. I used to have an interest in scuba diving but really have no interest anymore.

Years back Kim and I took scuba lessons in anticipation of visiting the Great Barrier Reef during our honeymoon to Australia. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to open water- I usually get a very bad case of seasickness. I’d say that within 15 minutes of our boat leaving for the GBR, I was upchucking that morning’s breakfast! This made for a torturous day stuck on the boat. I got in the water and tried to descend one time but when I went to clear my mask, one of the instructors yanked down on me, causing me to push him off and head back for the surface. This was the end of my scuba diving career before it even got started. Continue reading Amazing Bars & Restaurants Underwater Around the World

Beer Travel and 8 Beer Trails Around the U.S.

a group of people standing under a white building
Entrance to Brewery Ommegang

I’m not a big drinker by any means but beer has played a significant role in my travels over the years.

There’s been a couple of trips to Germany with beer as the primary focus and a trip to Belgium where it also played a big part. Then there are the brewery tours. I’ve been on countless tours, mostly in the United States but I’ve also been on many in others countries like Albania, Belgium, Denmark, Holland & Scotland (and probably a few more that I just can’t remember at the moment).

What is it about beer that makes it so interesting? Let’s see. First of all it comes in so many different varieties which definitely makes it fun to try out. The second and probably even more important thing about beer (when traveling) is the social aspect. Having a beer at a large, communal table is the perfect way to meet new people.  Continue reading Beer Travel and 8 Beer Trails Around the U.S.

9 Scenic Train Rides Around the World

a train on the tracks by a body of water
image from CNTraveler article

Like most little boys, Lucas loves trains. He first started saying the word (train) last June during our trip to Japan. We went all over the country, getting great use out of our rail pass and Lucas loved it!

I don’t know what it is about trains and train toys (like Thomas & Chuggington), but just about all boys love them!

Besides our trip to Japan, we haven’t done many trips which included extensive use of the rails. The only other trip for Kim and I that comes to mind would be taking the trip up to Aguas Caliente in Peru to see Macchu Picchu.

Conde Naste Traveler came up with a slideshow featuring Scenic Train Rides Around the World. Continue reading 9 Scenic Train Rides Around the World