Most Dangerous Foods That Can Kill You

Most Dangerous Foods
Hakarl- image: CNTraveler

While most would consider me to be a pretty picky eater (I don’t eat most fruits and vegetables) I’d still consider myself an adventurous eater, well at least when it comes to  travel.

One of the great things about travel is that it takes you out of your comfort zone and opens your mind to new things. Why else would I have tried guinea pig, fat ass ants or mud? Yes mud- that was in Peru!

Check out my post about the 6 Oddest Foods That I’ve Ever Tried.

I’ve also tried out the oddly named Ugly Curry Chicken Puff at Starbucks in Singapore.

When it comes to odd and strange, there is another level of food which might fit this description. How about dangerous food!

I came across an article from Conde Naste Traveler that takes a look at The Most Dangerous Food You Can Eat.

Here are the food which made the list:

  • Ackee– a fruit which can cause vomiting if not fully ripened
  • Cassava– can covert into cyanide if not cooked
  • Hakarl– fermented shark which takes a six month process to become safe to eat
  • Casu Marzu– Sheeps’s milk cheese with live maggots on it. The larvae “can survive being swallowed and wreak havoc in your intestinal lining“.
  • Sannakji– Korea raw baby octopus which can be a choking hazard
  • Raw Cashews– “Contains urushiol which can be fatal in large quantities”. The cashews we buy in the store are steamed & don’t have the chemical in them.
  • Elderberies– The berry is safe to eat but the “leaves, twigs and seeds can present a problem if ingested, specifically in the form of nausea and other more severe forms of sickness“.
  • African Bullfrog– if you eat the wrong parts you can face kidney failure.
  • Blood Clams– “They ingest more viruses and bacteria and have been responsible for hepatitis outbreaks“.
  • Fugu– The first food that came to mind when I saw the article. The fish “have concentrated amounts of a paralytic compound called tetrodotoxin, which can prove fatal for humans if ingested“.

Have you tried any of these dangerous and potentially life threatening delicacies? Besides eating cashews and cassava chips, I can’t say that I have. Kim would’ve trued ackee when we were in Jamaica but we didn’t come across it much on restaurant menus.

Find out more about each of these most dangerous foods from CN Traveler here.

4 thoughts on “Most Dangerous Foods That Can Kill You

  1. I enjoyed fugu but given how strict the Japanese are about selling it i didn’t feel it was a risk. Side note it reminded me or chicken more then fish but had a big bone in it.

  2. Aquaculture shrimp from the developing world. Horrendous cocktail of toxic chemicals, and unregulated when imported by other countries.

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