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Train To Connect Orlando and Miami

Orlando and Miami
Google Maps

Florida’s top tourist destinations are about to be connected by train in the not so distant future.

According to CNTraveler, “All Aboard Florida—a new private inter-city train service—just unveiled plans for an express train connecting Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando along a 235-mile route“. Continue reading Train To Connect Orlando and Miami

World’s Best Countries Seen By Rail

a bullet train at a station
Shinkansen (Bullet Train)- Japan

Last summer Kim, Lucas and I had an amazing time traveling around Japan at a reasonable price due to buying a Rail Pass. While it did seem pricey at first, the speed and efficiency of the rail system allowed us to see lots of different cities around the country in a short period of time. Had we bought each leg seperately, it would have costed way more. Lucas even learned the word train while in Japan!

Other times I’ve used trains to get around include around Belgium, from Paris to Amsterdam, Cairo to Luxor and Toronto to Montreal. (With the massive size of the NYC subway system, I guess this could count too!) While trains can be more comfortable to travel on, over the years, especially around Europe, I’ve always found the inter-city buses to be a cheaper and faster way to get around. Continue reading World’s Best Countries Seen By Rail

Stupid News: New Trains In France Too Wide For 100s of Stations

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 7.10.52 PM
Old Metro Sign- Paris, France

I came across a tweet from BBC Travel this morning with some pretty interesting info.

After writing about 9 Scenic Train Rides Around the World a few days back, now here is some news about the rail system in France. However it is pretty ridiculous!

Here is the tweet:
Continue reading Stupid News: New Trains In France Too Wide For 100s of Stations

9 Scenic Train Rides Around the World

a train on the tracks by a body of water
image from CNTraveler article

Like most little boys, Lucas loves trains. He first started saying the word (train) last June during our trip to Japan. We went all over the country, getting great use out of our rail pass and Lucas loved it!

I don’t know what it is about trains and train toys (like Thomas & Chuggington), but just about all boys love them!

Besides our trip to Japan, we haven’t done many trips which included extensive use of the rails. The only other trip for Kim and I that comes to mind would be taking the trip up to Aguas Caliente in Peru to see Macchu Picchu.

Conde Naste Traveler came up with a slideshow featuring Scenic Train Rides Around the World. Continue reading 9 Scenic Train Rides Around the World

That’s Different: Train Car McDonalds- Fall River, MA

a fast food restaurant with a large sign

While traveling around the world I always like to check out McDonalds to see what interesting items will be on the menu that we don’t have at home.

While reading about things to do on a trip around New England, I came across a McDonalds that has a train car attached to it. I wasn’t interested in eating there but I had to check out this location. We planned the stop as a bathroom break.

The train car is usually used as a dining room and had some diner style booths inside but it was closed for renovations. The main part of the restaurant also had a train theme with various things hanging on the wall.

This was definitely one of the most interesting and bizarre McDonalds locations that I have ever seen!

If you want to check out this McDonalds, it is located at
44 William S. Canning Blvd, Fall River, MA