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The World’s #1 Ranked Traveler

BBC Travel

Early in 2015 I wrote about what some might consider the most traveled man in the world. However, most traveled might not be completely accurate. Fred Finn might just be the most flown person since he’s flown over 16 million miles so far!

In early 2014 I brought you an interview with the youngest American to visit every country in the world, Lee Abbamonte. Now I’d definitely consider Lee one of the most traveled people. He’s visited every country and is still frequently traveling to far-flung places, trying to become the youngest to complete the Travelers Century Club list.

There are many other big-time travelers out there and BBC Travel tells us about The World’s Number One Ranked Traveler. I don’t know about you, but I hadn’t a clue that there was such a designation out there! Continue reading The World’s #1 Ranked Traveler

BBC Quiz- Why Do You Travel?

BBC Travel

We all travel for a variety of reasons…

Some of you might travel to relax while others are busy exploring a place, getting a good feel for the destination.

BBC Travel wonders why people travel in a new “Quiz: Why Do You Love the World?

I find it hard to answer why I love to travel but it’s probably my favorite thing to do. I love getting away, exploring & getting to know new places, trying new foods and then there’s the excitement of the unknown.  Continue reading BBC Quiz- Why Do You Travel?

World’s Best Countries Seen By Rail

a bullet train at a station
Shinkansen (Bullet Train)- Japan

Last summer Kim, Lucas and I had an amazing time traveling around Japan at a reasonable price due to buying a Rail Pass. While it did seem pricey at first, the speed and efficiency of the rail system allowed us to see lots of different cities around the country in a short period of time. Had we bought each leg seperately, it would have costed way more. Lucas even learned the word train while in Japan!

Other times I’ve used trains to get around include around Belgium, from Paris to Amsterdam, Cairo to Luxor and Toronto to Montreal. (With the massive size of the NYC subway system, I guess this could count too!) While trains can be more comfortable to travel on, over the years, especially around Europe, I’ve always found the inter-city buses to be a cheaper and faster way to get around. Continue reading World’s Best Countries Seen By Rail

Seven of the World’s Riskiest Roads

a close up of a logo

A couple of months back I wrote a post about the 10 Worst Places To Drive In the World (according to the Huffington Post).

After quite a few comments, I decided to run a poll and find out what your thoughts were on the topic. Mumbai, India was the ovewhelming winner, taking 35% of the votes.

I just came across another article, this time from BBC Travel which is related to the topic of suspect driving around the world. Continue reading Seven of the World’s Riskiest Roads

Play Geoguessr- Find Out How Well You Know The World

a screenshot of a computer

BBC Travel created a game called Geoguessr to test your knowledge and find out how well you know the world.

Geoguessr will help you find out how good of a geography expert you might be. First you will be shown an image (from Google) which you can zoom in and scroll around on. Once you think you know where you are, you’ll place a marker on a map at the bottom of the screen. You can also zoom around on the map to get better accuracy. Points will be awarded based on how close you were to the actual location.

Continue reading Play Geoguessr- Find Out How Well You Know The World