Train To Connect Orlando and Miami

Orlando and Miami
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Florida’s top tourist destinations are about to be connected by train in the not so distant future.

According to CNTraveler, “All Aboard Florida—a new private inter-city train service—just unveiled plans for an express train connecting Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando along a 235-mile route“.

The project is supposed to be completed by the middle of 2017.

The Brightline will get passengers from Orlando to Miami in three hours. If you wanted to drive between the two cities it would take around 3.5 hours.

The trains aren’t considered to be high speed. However express trips will reach 125 mph.

It’s great to hear about new rail projects being worked on around the US. Hopefully this works out well and more of the country gets connected by similar projects in the future.

I could see this route appealing to loads of travelers. Imagine checking out the beach in Miami in the morning and then hoping on a train by noon. You could get to one of the Disney Parks and enjoy a half day there.

You won’t save a ton of time if you have a car but for tourists that don’t want to rent one, this can be a great option to get around to different areas. (According to a search I did in Google Maps, taking public buses between Orlando and Miami would take over 6 hours!)

Find out more from CNTraveler here.

2 thoughts on “Train To Connect Orlando and Miami

  1. Silver- It would be nice to have high speed trains as an option in the US in the future. I know it’s been rumored for years but nothing much has ever came of it… BTW- We loved taking trains all over Japan.

  2. It’s embarrassing that a first world country like the U.S. does have a single high speed line whereas even a corrupt country like China has so many, don’t even get me started on Japan, they were in a big hole after WWII. Just can’t help but think America is also a very corrupt country.

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