T+L: The World’s Greatest Toy Stores

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I have to admit that I still love toys. As a special education teacher for kids ages birth-5, I get to play quite a bit at work.

While I buy most of my work supplies (toys) online, I still love  stopping in  toy stores for inspiration.  I also love visiting toy stores when traveling. We were amazed at the toy sections in some of the malls during our trip to Germany back in September.

Its even more fun now that a certain special little guy named Lucas loves his toys and also likes getting new ones!  Stopping into a toy store is a great activity to do when traveling with kids. When we spot toy stores, we will try to stop in for a few minutes and even get Lucas a little souvenir!

Here is a list of World’s Greatest Toy Stores from Travel + Leisure:

  • AMI Marionette Shop- Prague
  • Toy Joy- Austin, TX
  • Schmancy Toys- Seattle
  • Bartolucci- Rome
  • F.A.O Schwartz- NYC
  • Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery- Chicago
  • Kiddy Land- Tokyo
  • The Doll Hospital- Lisbon
  • LARK Toys- Kellogg, MN
  • Sopa de Principe- Buenos Aires
  • Steiff Museum & Factory Outlet- Geingen an der Brenz, Germany
  • LEGO Store- Copenhagen
  • Terrific Scientific- Sydney
  • Hamleys- London

What do you think about stopping in toy stores while traveling? I still have my marionette that I purchased in Prague almost 10 years ago!

If you have any special, local toy store recommendations, please let us know!

Find out more about each of the toy stores mentioned in the T+L article HERE.

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