Awesome Deal: Pay Your Age at Build A Bear on July 12!

Build A BearBuild A Bear is offering an amazing deal during their first ever Pay Your Age Day!

For one day only, you can pay your age for any “furry friend“. The offer is a great deal, especially if you’re bringing little kids since all you do is literally pay their age.

Here are some details about how the offer works.Build A BearOn July 12, Build A Bear Workshops in the U.S., Canada and U.K. will be participating in the offer.

No ID is required for children. Just tell a store associate how old your are and pay that price. (So for one- year old Theo, I’ll pay $1, for six-year old Lucas, I’ll pay $6 etc…) During the special, nobody is older than 29, meaning the max amount a guest pays is $29.

To participate in the offer, children must be accompanied by a Build A Bear Bonus Club member, 18-years of age or older. (The adult can pay for all children present during the visit.)

The offer is limited to one “furry friend” per guest who is at the store. (No, you can’t purchase for kids not with you!)

What’s also nice is that if the stores are really busy, you can purchase the Pay Your Age unstuffed toy and come back for the full Build A Bear experience on another day!

Lucas had wanted to go to Build A Bear for quite some time so Kim and I surprised him as part of his birthday present back in January. Lucas loved the experience and asked to go again, so I’ll definitely be taking him (and Theo) on July 12. (Since I’m running Camp Dad until we go on our month-long trip, this will be a great activity to do that day.)

Bears (he actually picked a dinosaur) are a bit pricey so Pay Your Age Day is a great chance to save some money.

Have you tried the Build A Bear Experience? If so, what did you think about it? (We felt it was well worth the money for a special occasion.)

Find out more about Pay Your Age Day here.

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