Off Topic: A Not So Typical Thanksgiving

Image from Prospect Park Track Club

This past Thanksgiving was definitely unique and different for a few reasons.

The #1 way it was different was that this was my first Thanksgiving as a Dad.
All experiences these days seem to be different (new or old) and better with Lucas around.
I am very thankful to have my amazing little boy in my life!

Kim and I started off Thanksgiving 2012 by running in the Prospect Park Track Club’s 5 Mile Turkey Trot. This was the longest run for both of us. It was a nice challenge and accomplishment to complete. We both were really happy with how we did and are now talking about trying to run a 10K (6.2 miles) in the future.

The race sold out with 2,500 registered participants. We were lucky to have beautiful weather in New York on Thanksgiving. We both felt great (and exhausted) after finishing the race.
Some relaxation was needed when we got home before eating our Thanksgiving dinner…

Pre- Race Photo
Post- Race Jump

Our Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t the typical turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes kind of meal.
I am not really a fan of turkey so I really did not mind. For Thanksgiving it was only Kim, Lucas and my parents this year so we decided to order food from a restaurant.

Photo from Anatolian Gyro

We came up with a great solution for the holiday. It was actually my parents idea.
They suggested that we get Turkish food for turkey day!

I was much happier eating various kebabs, rice and chicken soup rather than the traditional and boring turkey (Lucas really loves Turkish bread too). Kim kind of missed having turkey but there’s always next year!

I hope that everybody had a nice holiday and enjoyed an extra day or two off from work.
Has anybody else ever had a not so typical Thanksgiving meal? If so, what did you have?

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